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Lifetime License
  • Works with Magento Community Edition 1.7 – 1.9.3
  • All rental software features
  • 100% Open Source
  • Unlimited products, customers, and admins
  • Basic design template
  • 3 Months of free support & updates
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Lifetime License Buy Now



Lifetime License Buy Now


What is Magento, does it cost money?

Magento Community Edition is a free open source shopping cart, it does not cost anything. Our Rental Booking System is a extension for Magento shopping cart that adds on all the features that are needed for rentals. This gives you many advantages. First you can not only rent products, but also sell them if you want to. Second, Magento has a huge user base so there are lots of other extensions, templates, and developers that can enhance your store. More FAQs

What is a Magento Extension?

Magento extensions are modules that are added to Magento to provide extra functionality. Our extension is a rather large one that adds on rental features. There are other extensions for Magento that integrate third party CRM, Payment Modules, Accounting Systems, and much more. You can browse the huge number of available Magento extensions at Magento ConnectMore FAQs

How Do I Install Your Rental Booking System?

Please check our installation guide. We also offer pro installation to your server for $99, this can be added on checkout when you purchase our rental extension. Many web hosts already have an easy to use Magento installer as part of their web hosting services. More FAQs

What are the requirements for hosting your rental booking system?

Please check Web Hosting RequirementsMore FAQs

Are there any volume discounts?

Yes if you order 2 licenses there is a 10% discount and 3+ licenses there is a 20% discount. More FAQs

How much is support & updates after the included free support and what does it include?

$250/year. It includes updates to the latest versions of our rental system and we can update your site for you if you want. The support includes access to support tickets that our programmers will look into for you. It does not include customizing your site or fixes to your design template. More FAQs

Once I order how do I get the rental software?

Immediately after you order you will get access to our rental software download. If you chose to host with us, it will take up to one day for us to install Magento and our Rental Software extension. More FAQs

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. If you aren’t sure if you want to purchase we suggest you try the free trial first.  More FAQs

Can I order separately modules from the Ultimate package?

Yes. Please contact us for a customized quote. You will find most of the modules from the Ultimate package available separately in our Magento Extensions area from the top menu. More FAQs

Can the rental software be customized for my rental business?

Yes. Our rental system is 100% open source. Any Magento PHP/MySQL programmer can customize it for you. We can provide you a list of recommended developrs upon request. More FAQs

How much is web hosting after the free 3 months? Can I host somewhere else?

Web hosting is $25/month or $250/year more info about our rental business web hosting. Yes you can host on any web host you want. Typically the $3/month or $5/month web hosts will not be very fast, so try and find a good web host that does not overload their servers. Your web host most be capable of running Magento, and PHP 5.3+. More FAQs 

Are there any hidden costs? Is it really a lifetime license?

No there are no hidden costs. We don’t hide anything about our prices. As with any online web based system, you will need web hosting, and if doing credit card transactions you should get an SSL certificate for encrypted transactions. More info on SSL certificatesMore FAQs