Where can I find developers / programmers to customize your rental system?

We offer custom Magento 2 Programming Services if you are interested in having features added or having a professional setup your E-commerce website. Having a good Magento developer to help you customize or manage your site is a great idea if you want to go beyond the included functionality of our module. You can also use a developer to enhance your site, change around the design, apply security patches, do upgrades, etc. If you want to get a quote and check on our availability please fill in our custom Magento Development request form.

If you decide to bring in your own Magento developer that is fine too! Here are some tips:

Developers usually charge by the hour or project. If by the hour – they can use a time tracking tool like upwork.com or Time Doctor. To price your project first make a detailed description called a request for proposal of what you need, add screenshots marked up if possible using a screenshot markup tool like Awesome screenshot.com or similar. After your initial project is done other work you can usually just pay them by the hour to do what you need.

Important note: Make sure your developer does customizations for your rental system without changing the core files so that your rental module can be upgraded easily. For more info please see our programming guidelines.

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