Online Booking System & Rental Inventory Software Features

Maintenance Tracking

Track maintenance you do to your rental inventory products with assignment of the maintenance technician, email notifications, expense tracking, and comments.  You can also set products to be maintained periodically and setup maintenance lists for what should be done to them.

Flexible Rental Calendar Setup

The rental calendar is a very important part of your rental system, so we've done everything we can to make it as flexible and user-friendly as possible. You will have the following options:

  • Booking by date or date and time of day (e.g. November 3, 2013 or November 3, 2013 5:00pm)
  • Rental calendar can show on the product info page, globally on the side column or header area
  • When booking for the same day for a time period, you can visually see the available and unavailable times for that day
  • Calendar can be set to show 1, 2, 3, or more months at a time

Bundles & Packages

You can bundle & package rental items together. The bundle can have categories of products and you can make them required or optional. Say for example you want to offer a camera bundle. It could have:

Camera: (customer chooses the camera they want from a drop-down list of 5 different cameras)

Tripod: (customer chooses either a tall tripod, normal size, or table-top size)

Memory: (customer chooses how big the memory card they need is)

Backdrop: (customer chooses the backdrop type)

This is all possible with the bundles feature. The bundle price can be determined by adding together the individual rental item prices, or making a overall bundle rental price.

Dropoff & Pickup Dates

The dropoff and pickup dates and be separate from the rental start and end dates. This is optional - you don't have to enter dropoff and pickup times for an order.

Flexible Pricing Model

You can setup a variety of pricing structures with the pricing entry system. It is broken up as:

Pricing Model: Pro-Rated or Regular


Time Period Type: (Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)


Additional Price Point Type: (Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)

Additional Price:

Applies To: (For Special Dates/Times pricing)

Customer Group:

So you could put for a price for 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 4 days, 2 weeks, etc. The nice thing is you don't have to define every price point. All the in between rental prices are automatically calculated using either pro-rates or regular rates.

You could have for example:

1 Day $5 + $3 each additional day

3 Days $10 + $5 each additional day

Holiday Pricing For July 4 or December 25

1 Hour $10 from 8 - 12pm and 1 Hour $15 from 1pm - 5pm

the possibilities are endless.


Minimum & Maximum Rental Periods

Set in rentals > settings your minimum & maximum rental periods. This can be set globally or by product. If a customer tries to rent for less then the minimum or more than the maximum rental period they will get an error message.

Disabled Dates (Holidays) Or Store Closed Times

The rental calendar can be disabled for when you store is closed like on holidays, weekends, or other times. Disabled days can be set as:

  • Annually recurring disabled date (for holidays)
  • Disabled days of the week (if you are closed weekends or other days)
  • Disabled dates only for a certain product (book all inventory out of stock for some reason)

Turnover Times (Padding Days) Between Rentals

Many rental businesses need to add a turnover time or padding time between rentals to do things like clean rental equipment, or allow time for shipping. Our rental system has a flexible and powerful turnover time feature. Turnover time (padding time) can be set in the following ways:

  • Globally - a fixed turnover time between all rentals
  • Per product - a turnover time per product based
  • By ship method - a turnover time based on the ship method the customer selects. We call this Reservation shipping and you can find more info about in our manual page on turnover time based on shipping.

Rental Contracts

  • Customers can sign their rental contracts online
  • Rental contract terms & conditions can be customized with the text you want, as well as variables for inserting your company info or customer info
  • You can also choose to instead manually have the customer sign the contract offline and store hard copies
  • Rental contracts can be attached to order emails as PDFs
  • Admin can download rental contract PDFs from the admin side CIM & Paypal Express Recurring Payments

You can accept recurring customer payments using either CIM or Paypal Express.

If you use then your customer will be able to manage their credit card information from the my account section, and also use the stored credit card for regular sales / buy type checkouts.

Rental Membership Recurring Billing

When making a membership rental product (package) that people subscribe to, you can control all the billing fields:

Initial Setup Cost:
Regular Recurring Price:
Billing Period:
Billing Frequency:
Number of products allowed out at a time: (e.g. Set to 3 to allow a member to have 3 movies checked out at once)
Free Trial enable:
Free Trial Length:

Rental Queue Management

Members can manage their rental queue online. Products can be arranged for the priority they want to receive them.

Rental Queue Popularity Report

View what products are added the most to customer's rental queues. Useful for gauging product interest and how many to order for restocking.

Exclude Products From Memberships (Membership Levels)

You can offer memberships that allow certain products, and not others. This is useful if say you have higher priced memberships that are allowed to rent higher priced products.

All Orders By Start/End Date or Complete Rental Period

Online Rental System Report By Order

All Orders By Complete Rental Period

Online Rental System Report By Start / End Date

All Orders By Start & End Date

Total Sales & Tax Report

Learn for a certain time period what your total revenue is and how much tax was collected.

Top Customers Report

Lean who your best customers are based on how much revenue they bring into your rental business. You can then use this report for marketing purposes or perhaps a frequent renter program.

Low Inventory Report

Quickly identify what products are low in inventory. This report will automatically be sorted by products that have the most bookings but least amount of inventory available.

Most Rented Products Report

Find out what your most popular rental items are. This report can be broken down by time period and product category. From this report you will learn the total number of times the product has been rented, the total amount of time the product has been rented, and how much revenue it has made.

Return on Investment Report

A report that you can generate for a certain time period that will show you what the cost of your inventory is for that certain product, how much revenue the inventory has generated, and what your profit is (revenue - cost). Great for finding out what your most profitable products are.

Rental Inventory Report

A grid that you can view by day, week, or month with all of your rental reservation or rental queue reservation orders on it. From this grid you can via Booked Inventory vs Available Inventory and click on each day to see who placed orders for that day.

Flexible Tax Rate Setup (VAT Compatible)

You can setup your tax rate as needed, and even setup different tax rates for different locations.

Multi-Currency Compatible

When you setup your rental store you can set the base currency to use for your store using any official currency from anywhere in the world. If you want to offer different currency options you can then set other currencies too and set the exchange rates. These exchange rates can be automatically updated as much as you want using a free web API.

Multi-Language Compatible Over 100 Languages Available

Our rental system is built off of Magento which has a large international following. Most languages are already available to download in a translation pack. This will translate 95%+ of the text for the site.

The remaining text from our rental module is all in one file that you can give to a translator. It would be we estimate 1 - 2 hours of work for a translator to translate this text as there are only a few sentances and error messages to translate.

Late Fees & Extend Order

There is an admin report showing late fees from which there is a button that can be pressed to generate a late fee order:


There is also an extend order feature that can be disabled or enabled allowing the customer or the admin to extend a rental order.


Manually Edit or Add Rental Reservation Dates

There is a separate button and report to manually edit the rental dates for an order without changing the order price. This can be handy since many times clients will change their mind on what dates they want for the rental.

You can also use this page to manually reserve inventory that you don't want tied to any particular order. This can be useful if you are going to maintain inventory, rent it without using your website but you still want to properly track inventory, or sub-rent.


Inventory Import/Export

Inventory can be either set in the admin, or it can also be exported or imported via CSV spreadsheets.

Inventory Is Tracked & Won’t Be Overbooked (Unless Overbooking Is Enabled)

One of the main purposes of having a rental software system is to properly track your inventory. Your inventory will be properly logged to the database and customers will not be able to overbook your inventory (thus causing you problems).

Some rental stores though WANT to have rental overbooking they accept as many orders as possible and if they run out of inventory they buy more. If that is your cause you can enable overbooking either globally or by product in our rental software.

Barcode & RFID Reader Friendly Serial Numbers

Inventory can be tracked via serial numbers. This means you can export your serial numbers to be printed as barcodes or wirelessly written to RFID tags with your RFID writer/reader.


Payment Modules Available

For Recurring Billing Payments (Rental Memberships):

  • CIM
  • Paypal Express

For Regular Checkout or Rental Bookings:

Shipping Modules Available

SEO Friendly

Categories, regular pages, and products have auto-generated SEO friendly urls and meta tags. If you want, you can override the defaults that it generates.

Google Analytics

Given that our rental system is a plug-in for Magento, you can easily install free Google Analytics tracking modules for Magento. There is one already built-in to Magento that will show all the data in Google Analytics about who is visiting your site. There is also a more advanced one that is also free from Fooman that shows data on the shopping cart purchases and sales funnels. More info on the the advanced Magento Google Analytics module.

Social Sharing & Social Login

While not part of our rental system, there are easy to install and reasonably priced Social Sharing & Login modules for Magento. Here are a couple examples:


Aheadworks Social Sharing. The social sharing module integrates with all the popular social networks like:

  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Myspace
  • Slashdot
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIN

Aheadworks Ajax Login. It allows your customers to login with:

  • Goolge+
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • Facebook

Discounts & Coupons

Create discounts that discount products in your store based on certain criteria like product category.

Create coupons that discount products based on a fixed amount or %, or allow free shipping . Track how many people use that coupon for marketing.

Newsletter Management

Manage your customer email list. You can either write newsletters from the admin panel, or export the list to your favorite newsletter manager like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Admin Access Levels & Add / Edit / Delete Admin Logins

You can add / edit / delete an unlimited number of admin accounts.

Different admins can be assigned different permission levels. Maybe you have some admins that can only edit products, while other admins can view orders.

Edit Products & Categories

All product categories and products can be edited.

Products you can add your own custom attributes for any extra data you want to capture, and these extra attribute fields can be searched for on the customer side.

Product categories can be set to show text above or below the products to describe the category. Categories can also be set to have filterable fields for things like color or size so customers can filter the product list.

CMS Content Mangement System

Edit all the pages on your website easily in the CMS content management system. You can also upload images to your pages like About Us or Terms & Conditions pages.

There is also a separate static blocks editor for adding static blocks to parts of your design.

Order & Invoice PDFs

Generate PDFs of your orders and invoices. With our Ultimate version you will be able to more easily edit the order & invoice PDF templates and show product images in the PDF. Even without this extra module you can add in your logo and address.

Customer Edit & Information

Edit and review your customer information. You can view their past orders, addresses, and products they have in their shopping (rental) cart.

Admin Rental Contract Creation

You can create customers and rental contracts from the administration panel. When you add rentals to orders you will be able to adjust the prices and see how much inventory is available for the selected dates. You can also edit the customer billing/shipping address, dropoff / pickup times (if different from rental startt/end date) and add special notes to the order.

100% Open Source

Our rental booking system is 100% open source PHP, Jquery, and MySQL code. This means you can edit or view the code in any text editor. It also means your programmer is free to customize it to suit your needs.