Magento 2 Setup Guide To Fix MD5 and API

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This is to help you make work in Magento 2.1.7. Though it is not clear, Magento 2 forces you to use md5 hash, and this hash has to be 10 characters (tried a longer one and it will give a random error). Also, you need to enable the Transaction Details API

To set this up properly:

  1. Go here: type in any string and copy the first 10 characters of the generated hash
  2. At go to Account > Settings > Security Settings > MD5-Hash and paste the generated has in the 2 inputs
  3. Go to your Magento 2 admin panel and paste the md5 hash in the settings
  4. To enable the transaction details api go to the account >Security Settings > Transaction Details API and enable it, you will need to verify your security question to do so. This is to resolve the error: “Access denied. You do not have permissions to call the Transaction Details API”
  5. Clear your Magento 2 cache

Beta Removed From Magento 2.x Version Title & 2 New Live Demos

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Magento 2.x Version No Longer Beta

We feel the Magento 2.x version of our rental system is now stable enough to remove the “beta” from the product title. There are still a few things we are working at porting over: pro-rated pricing, turnover time by shipping method, special pricing by time, return reminders, a few bug fixes, and some reports. We will keep the comparison chart updated with progress.

2 New Live Demos For Magento 2.x Rental Booking System

Checkout our new demos for inflatable party rentals and car, motorcycle, and scooter rentals.

Car, Motorcycle, and Scooter Rental

Customer Side


Admin Side

Note: The stores > configuration area (where you can change lots of settings) are not enabled in the demo because people change them and mess up the demo too often.

Username: demo
Password: demo123

Inflatable Bounce House Party Rentals

Customer Side


Admin Side

Note: The stores > configuration area (where you can change lots of settings) are not enabled in the demo because people change them and mess up the demo too often.

Username: demo
Password: demo123


Use A Custom PHP Version in WHM / Cpanel (Litespeed)

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In WHM / Cpanel many hosts like us use Litespeed to speed up PHP and the server. Litespeed allows multiple versions of PHP that you can configure using .htaccess php handlers. But what about changing the PHP version used for command line (also for cron jobs)? There is a easy solution. Login to ssh for the cpanel account, and in the home/username/.bashrc file (you can edit with with: nano .bashrc) add this line to the end (substitute the /usr/bin/php5.6 with the path to the custom php binary you want to use):

Now logoff and login to ssh, and if you type:

you can confirm it’s using the version of PHP you want.

Rental Booking System for Magento 2.1 Beta Version Available

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We are proud to announce the release of the Magento 2.1 beta version of our rental booking system! It has been a long journey but worth the extra effort and time that was put into it.

Among the improvements, our favorites are:

  • Extremely flexible calendar widget: can be placed almost anywhere on the page
  • Easier pricing entry now you can use “1d” to mean 1 day or “5w” to mean 5 weeks instead of having a quantity entry field and a separate period type
  • All extension code has been cleaned, rewritten, and optimized
  • Improved languages support: we offer 20 language packs to start (translated with Google Translate)
  • Magento 2.x plugins feature means much less chance of conflicting with other extensions
  • Requirejs javascript loading means very little chance of conflicting with template / theme javascript

Please checkout more information here:

Magento 2.1 beta version pricing

Feature comparison chart with the Magento 1.x version


Release notes

Let’s review some questions you may have:

Is it stable? Should I use it on a live site?

We recommend you use this on sites that are in development. It has not been fully tested and stabilized. We estimate that the beta will be stable enough to use on live sites by the end of November 2016.

If I purchased your Magento 1.x version, do I get a free upgrade?

If you purchased from December 2015 – July 6, 2016 you get a free upgrade. If you purchased before that you can still get an upgrade but you will need to have an active support / updates subscription and pay a $100 upgrade fee.

Does the Magento 2.1 version have all the same features as the Magento 1.x version?

No – the Magento 2.1 version is not feature complete yet. Please see the comparison chart, or the release notes for more details.

What are the web hosting requirements for the Magento 2.x version?

Please see our FAQ on Magento 2.x web hosting among the most important new requirements is that your web host provide you ssh / shell access.

How long will the Magento 1.x version be supported?

We plan to support the Magento 1.x version until December 2018, however we will no longer be adding new features to it anymore.

Can I upgrade a Magento 1.x store to Magento 2.x easily?

No, unfortunately you cannot. There is a Magento 1.x -> Magento 2.x data migration tool for customers, payment methods, ship methods, and orders, but it does not support exporting of rental orders or rental products, nor does it support upgrading your theme if you have customized it. Also it is a fairly complex process that you will requires you be familiar with ssh / command line and database setups.

For now the only way to upgrade is to setup a new installation of Magento 2.x and add your products and customers via spreadsheet csv files or manually in the admin panel.



Magento 1.x Rental Booking System vs Magento 2.1.x

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Our Magento 1.x rental booking system has been out for over 3 years so therefor has more features in it that are not all ported yet to Magento 2.x. Here is a comparison of the two showing which features are available in each.


Magento 1.x

Magento 2.1.x

Rental calendar on product page     
Global rental calendar on side column      
Rental calendar widget that can be placed anywhere     
Complex pricing algorithm enabling price by any rental period ($X per X hours, $X per X Days, $X per X Weeks, etc.) with in between periods calculated automatically      
Fixed period rentals (admin can set the time period of the rental like 1 day or 1 week) the customer only selects the start date  
Advanced fixed period rentals (Repeatable fixed periods by day, week, month)   Not confirmed, under consideration
Rental Buyouts (ability to purchase a rental product – this is a separate feature from being able to create a regular for sale product which is a default feature of Magento)     Version 1.1
Admin order creator (similar to POS) allowing admin to create orders, select shipping and payment methods, charge payment method, and accept signatures for the rental contract      
Multiple calendar styles      
Choose between prorated or non prorated for pricing      
Rental contracts with online digital signatures      
Quantity based inventory and serial number based inventory      
Maintenance tickets to maintain rental products and keep track of cost and technician   
Convert for sale products to rental products and rental products to for sale products      
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Inventory report with details of order numbers and quantity ordered per day per product      
Time of day rentals allowing hourly rentals of products      
Turnover (buffer) time setting allowing you to set a certain time period before or after a rental for the rental product to be available again      
Turnover time based on ship method (for example if it is a 2 day ship method, there is 2 days before and after the rental for turnover time)   Version 1.1
Send and return rentals with email confirmation to customers (optional)      
Sent and returned rentals report      
Dropoff and pickup dates (separate from rental start and end date)      
Multi-language compatible      
VAT and international tax rates compatible      
Multi-currency compatible      
20+ language packs available (translated using Google Translate)     
Compatible with Magento payment modules (, Paypal, Braintree, Check/Money Order, Purchase Order, Bank Transfer Payment, Cash on Delivery)      
Damage Waiver Fees  Version 1.1
Manually reserve inventory (with no order) or edit edit rental dates (without changing price)   
Extend Order and Late Returns    Version 1.1
Manually edit rental dates (does not change order price)      
Disabled dates (can repeat) for store closed times, holidays      
Minimum and maximum rental periods      
Rentals work with configurable products (sizes, colors) and bundles (packages of multiple products, some can be for sale products too)      
Calendar report of rental orders by start/end date and rental orders by order (order extends length of rental on the calendar)      
Dashboard report showing today’s actionable items (rentals needing to be sent, returned) and also allowing generation of invoices and packing lists    Version 1.1
Special pricing on certain dates (higher or lower prices for seasonal rentals, holidays, etc.)      Version 1.1
Return Reminders  Version 1.1
Force all rental items in order to use the same start and end dates
Rental memberships & rental queue     Not confirmed, under consideration
Additional Reports ROI, Low Inventory, Most Rented Products Reports besides the Inventory report, send/return report, Serial number report, and dashboard actions report are under consideration as to what will be the most useful
 Partial payments (deposit to confirm order)   Under development as separate paid module
Inventory centers / warehouses Under development as separate paid module
Request for Quote Available with Pro version or as separate paid module Available with Pro version or as separate paid module CIM stored credit card module Under development as separate paid module


Magento 2 CSV File Translator Using Google Translate API

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Have a Magento 2 module that you want to translate to another language? Try out our Magento 2 CSV language file translator for Google Translate. The source code is over at github:

To use, first run in command line in the directory you clone the repo to:

composer install

this will install with composer to the 2 libraries Google Translate PHP API and Twitter Bootstrap. After that, edit the translate.php file and put in your Google Translate API developer key (around line 13).

now that is all that you should need. Choose your Magento 2 CSV file you want to translate, the language you want to translate to, and click the submit button. Typically the CSV files are in a folder like app/code/company/module/i18n/en_US.csv so you would upload this file. After upload, the processed file will be stored in the same directory where the translate.php script is. You will need to rename this file to the language you are translating to (so if it was Spanish it would be es_ES.csv) and put it back in that same i18n folder.



CSV File before:


CSV File generated by translator:


Future feature plans:

  • Checkbox all the languages that you want generated at once and make the proper filenames for them

Updates On Magento 2 Versions of Rental Booking Software & Request For Quote

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We are hard at work on the Magento 2 versions of our Rental Booking Software and Request For Quote modules. The Magento 2 codebase is excellent we love the new structure. There is not much that be copied across from Magento 1.9 -> Magento 2 so we have to redo most of the code and that is taking some time. While we are at it though, checkout what we will be improving:

  • Easier settings configuration. In our version 1.4 for Magento 1.9 there were over 80 settings, we are reducing this by about 25% while still retaining the same functionality
  • Fixed date rentals will now allow entry in a grid so they are highly configurable. We are referring here to the ones that were configured in rentals > settings not the ones from rentals > settings > fixed date rentals (which are fixed rental dates).
  • Inventory centers & Partial payments will be released around December 2016! This has been a highly requested feature so much so that we are bringing it back. What this means is you can charge a small deposit / partial payment to reserve the rental order which is quite common in the rental industry and then the customer can pay for the rest later.

Right now we are shooting for a September 2016 release for the Magento 2 versions of our modules which we will call our beta release, and a full release in October. Meanwhile while we are doing our Magento 2 versions we have created a small website that will be updated more and more with Magento 2 Documentation. Right now there is not a lot there, but we will collect any references that we find useful and tips from our own coding to share with other developers.