Rental Business Web Hosting

Rental Business Web Hosting for Our Online Rental Software

We offer web hosting specialized for rental businesses running our rental business software. You can run our rental business software on many other web hosts, but the speed may not be as optimal as using our web hosting. We can literally install Magento with our Rental Business software in a few minutes! You’ll be up and running in no time.

Our web hosting server is simply faster because we don’t load the server with 300 accounts like most web hosts out there. Our servers are limited to just a few. Our typical plan includes:

  • Cpanel where you can control everything about your web hosting – email, ssh, files, dbs, security, dns, etc.
  • Plenty of web storage (6gb+)
  • Plenty of bandwidth (50gb+)
  • daily/weekly/monthly retained off-site backups (including databases)
  • Non-loaded web servers
  • Secure reliable data center
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • SSH access available
  • Elastic Search access for Magento 2.4.x+ (most web hosts charge $20+/month for this)

Pricing is based on your site load & number of customers online at a time. We feel this is the best way to gauge server resource usage so that we can charge fairly and have the funds to upgrade the server or dedicate more servers when needed:

PlanOnline Customers (Server Load)MonthlyYearlyStorageServer ResourcesPurchase
Mage-25Up to 20$35$3506gb1cpuBuy Now
Mage-50Up to 40$70$70012gb2cpuBuy Now
Mage-75Up to 60$105$105018gb3cpuBuy Now
Mage-100Up to 80$140$140024gb4cpuBuy Now
Mage-125Up to 100$175$175030gb5cpuBuy Now
Understanding the columns
Online Customers

How many customers are online within 5 minutes. This is based on averages during the day. It’s ok if sometimes you have more than your plan target.


Amount of storage on your plan. Magento uses only around 250mb to install, the rest would be your product images, email storage, etc.

Server Resources

How much of a dedicated server resource the site uses (all our servers are Hex Core, using the most modern Intel processors)

Note: If we feel you need to upgrade we will let you know based on your server resources. 50% of our customers use our Mage-25 plan. The rest are spread out through the higher level plans.

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