Choose the calendar method and style that fits your business. Choose from:
  • Rental calendar on the homepage
  • Rental calendar on the product page
  • Different colors and styles that can be customized with CSS
  • Customer chooses the start and end date, or just the start date and the rental length
  • Customer can choose just the date, or date and time of day
Turnover times (buffer time) can be set globally for all your products, or individually for each product.
Flexible pricing model
  • Support for both pro-rated and non-pro-rated pricing models
  • Product pricing rules grid allowing you to enter prices by hour, day, week, month, or year
  • Choose if you want to charge for days your store is closed
  • No need to enter in pricing for all periods, in-between prices are automatically calculated
Excluded Dates and Store Hours

The rental calendar can be disabled for when you store is closed like on holidays, weekends, or other times. Disabled days can be set as:

  • Annually recurring disabled date (for holidays)
  • Disabled days of the week (if you are closed weekends or other days)
  • Disabled dates only for a certain product (book all inventory out of stock for some reason)

Maintenance ticket system is integrated so that you can pull out products that need maintenance from inventory and track who is going to do the repairs and how much it will cost.

Full Booking Calendar Feature list
  • Fully configurable booking calendar
  • Number of months to show on date picker at a time setting
  • Theme style
  • Length for fixed rental selection (comma separated list like 2h,4h would mean 2 or 4 hour fixed length rental)
  • All products in order must use the same start and end date setting yes/no
  • Keep the start/end date for the entire session the customer is browsing after they add to cart a rental product setting (yes or no)
  • Minimum and maximum rental period settings
  • Turnover time before and after setting (buffer time)
  • Add to price for if you want all rentals to have a certain amount of time added to the rental price (useful for differences in how businesses charge for overnight rentals. Some charge 2 days others 1 day for overnight rentals)
  • Number of price points to show on the product listing page and product page
  • Show next available rental date on the product page option
  • Dropoff and pickup dates (can be separate from reservation start/end date)

Support for both rentals and for sell products

Rent and sell many different product types including product with custom options, product bundles, and configurable products.

Feature List

  • Configurable product attributes
  • Multiple images per product
  • Product image zoom
  • Related products
  • Product custom options
  • Send to friend with email
  • Layered filtering of products
  • Recently viewed products
  • Popular search terms cloud
  • Product listing in grid or list
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Mass export and import of rental products or customers with CSV files (Excel / Google Sheets)
  • View, edit and create orders from the admin panel
  • Cancel orders or refund orders
  • Add order comments
  • Print invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels
  • Customers receive emails for when orders are placed or their account is updated
  • Admin can receive email notifications of orders
  • Order editing of rental orders basic order editing (for non-invoiced orders is in the regular version. We also have manual rental order editing, and advanced rental order editing in the Pro version + MageWorx order editor.

Secure SSL Encrypted Data

All payment and customer details can be encrypted using SSL – we install this by default when you host with us and other reputable web hosts will do the same.

Payment Modules

Authorize.net, Paypal, Check/Money Order, Braintree, and many more built-in payment modules with 100s more available to install from the Magento Marketplace

Shipping modules

Free shipping (Pickup in store), UPS, Fedex, Flat Rate, Table Rates built-in with many more available to install

  • Send and return rentals page to allow you to checkout and check-in rentals
  • Checkout and check-in history page filterable by order or product
  • Serial numbers can be checked out an checked in either by starting to type the first number of the serial/barcode or scanning it with a keyboard compatible scanner

  • Design management system allows installing other templates and designs
  • Response / Mobile friendly themes
  • Magento which our rental system extends has thousands of themes available. Some are free and others are paid you can browser for example themeforest.net under Magento templates to find many attractive designs
  • Design customization services are available for your logo, banners, and header/footer design

Get an overview of your store sales and rentals with the many reports available

  • Products in cart
  • Search terms
  • Abandoned carts
  • Reviews by customer or product
  • Sales reports: orders, tax, invoiced, shipping, refunds, coupons
  • Rental reports: send and return report, send and return history, inventory report, serial number report, rental calendar by order and by start/end date

  • Category and product pages are SEO optimized and the meta tags can all be edited in the admin or auto-generated
  • Newsletter management (also plugins if you want to export to mailchimp or other email marketing systems)
  • User reviews of products
  • Search terms report
  • Catalog discount rules and coupon code management with discounts like percent based or fixed amount. Rules to decide if the discount applies or not based on the product category, cart total, or other criteria.
  • Google sitemap and analytics integration
  • Cross-sell and upsell on the product page or the shopping cart page
  • Social sharing buttons (on the pro version or with separate paid module)
  • Rental products can use either quantity based or serial number based tracking
  • Serial numbers have a note field and date acquired tracking
  • Rentals can be set to allow overbooking or not
  • Inventory can be checked out or returned early
  • Inventory can be reserved early if the product is checked-out early. It can also have the rental end date changed to the date the item is actually returned
  • Manually reserve inventory – this is useful for when you have special events or offline orders that you do not want to enter customer details or payments for
  • Multi Warehouse Fulfillment Locations (Requires Multi Inventory Center License) means you can setup multi warehouses and stock fulfillment locations along with advanced shipping distance calculation algorithms are built-in. 
  • Multi Currency and Multi Language support
  • Can work with non-English languages, over 15 languages come pre-installed for the rental module but you can translate to many more using CSV files
  • More languages can be downloaded from the Magento marketplace most of them are free and open source
  • Works with all world currencies configurable in the admin panel
  • Works with VAT and other tax systems, also configurable in the admin panel
  • Legal online rental contract signing with PDF generation and extendable terms & condition fields
  • Customers can sign online the terms and conditions
  • PDF contract is generated
  • PDF can be emailed or downloaded
  • Rental contract terms can be edited in the admin panel and have variables to insert the customer name

  • Admin panel allows easily editing all your products and customers
  • Admin access levels system to limit content editing (e.g. so if you have sales people you may not want them to be able to edit site settings, only create orders)
  • Content pages can also be edited using the admin panel such as the homepage, about us page, or policies/terms page, and any other pages you want to add
  • Catalog / product listing pages can have pictures or content added to them (in addition to the products)
  • Blog module (with pro version or a separate paid module)
  • All customer data can be managed from the admin panel
  • Customer groups that can be used for tax settings, discounts, and pricing
  • Guest checkout can be enabled or disabled
  • Customers can manage their address, shopping cart and wish list
  • Order status and history from their customer account area
  • All source code is available upon purchase
  • Hire us or use Magento web developers to add features or customize the rental system to your liking
  • Rental Booking API Guide
  • Out of the box Magento and WooCommerce already have APIs you can reference
  • Note: For questions about what the API supports, please contact us
  • Easily extend rental orders
  • Pricing is automatically calculated on rental order extensions
  • Use Case: Customer wants to extend their order 1 or more days, they can easily do so in their my account section


  • New Features are constantly being added
  • New features added recently:
  • MageWorx Order Editing integration – easily edit the rental dates, shipping method, and address of your orders in the admin without creating a new order!
  • Amasty RFQ integration – generate fully editable quotes or have your customers submit quotes to you. If you want you can hide pricing, or negotiate prices. Great for Event Rentals!
  • Rental Order Extensions!
  • The ability to edit serial numbers assigned to rental orders


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