Awesome Rental Business Resources List

Rental Software Directory

Ultimate Rental Software Directory 2022

Free Rental Contract Templates

Free Car / Motorcycle / Bike Rental Agreement Contract

Free Hotel or Vacation Rental Agreement Contract

Free Equipment Rental Agreement Contract

How Much To Charge? Setting Up Rental Pricing

Free Rental Pricing and Profit Calculator

Boost Rental Profits: How Much Should I Charge For Renting Equipment, Cars, Boats, AV, etc.? – article coming soon

Rental Business Marketing

Marketing Groups

/r/marketing – Reddit group with approximately 411,000+ members not specific to rental / hire but you can find great ideas here

r/seo – Reddit group with approximately 195,00+ members, good tips

Emails – Writing Great Copy

Wordstream Email Copywriting Tips

Hubspot Compelling Email Copy

Emails Marketing Tools

Used for sending mass emails, but much more as well. Email template design, conversion tracking, open rates, and follow-up (drip) campaigns.

Send In Blue – very competitive pricing compared to other platforms

Search Engine Optimization – How To

For rental businesses be sure to pay a lot of attention to “Local SEO” meaning searches that contain your ciy, state, or area name in them, such as “los angeles computer rental” as an example.

Semrush SEO Basics

Neil Patel Local SEO Guide

Backlinkgui – Backlink building isn’t fun but here are some high domain authority backlinks you can easily build with step-by-step instructions, this is the best backlink list we’ve found

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Semrush – starts around $120/month, is an industry standard very comprehensive

Ahrefs – another top industry standard starts at $99/month

Ubersuggest – free and paid plans starting at $12/month we like this one for starting off

Content Writing

Before writing content articles for your rental business website use traffic estimation tools to see if there is any traffic for the keywords you are targeting, or else it will be a waste of time. Here are some good guides. Also try picking up a few top rated books on Amazon on Marketing or Content Writing, the $10 – $30 you spend will be worth it with the ideas the books give you. Go for low-hanging fruit first.

Semrush Content Writing – nice articles on the subject

CoSchedule Content Writing Tips a lengthy good quality article on the subject

Content Marketing Institute – blog

WordStream – Conversational Writing – their blog has lots of other great articles on marketing

Rental Associations

American Rental Association – includes many affiliates such as the Rental Equipment Register

American Car Rental Association

Vacation Rental Management Association

International Technology Rental Association

Hire and Rental Industry Association – Australia

Hire Industry Association of New Zealand

Association of Progressive Rental Organizations – focused on the rent to own (rental-purchase) industry

Hire Association Europe – focused on plant, tool, and equipment hire

California Rental Association – Equipment and party rental industry focus

European Rental Association

Rental Business Groups and Forums


Equipment Rental Group – Approximately 7,600+ members

Car Rental Industry Professionals Worldwide – Approximately 1,300+ members

Equipment Rental – Construction Equipment – Approximately 18,600+ members

Rental Industry Professional Association – Approximately 2,800+ members

Vacation Rental Professionals – Approximately 15,300+ members

Vacation Rental Management Association – Approximately 7,300+ members


Party Rental Business Owners Group – Approximately 4,500+ members

The Rental Forum – Equipment rental operators Approximately 1,800+ members

Bounce House and Rental Operators – Approximately 12,900+ members

Ultimate Car Rental Business Guide – Approximately 25,400+ members

Heavy Equipment Rentals – Approximately 4,000+ members

Vacation Rentals from Owners – Approximately 85,700+ members

Event Rental Owners Forum – Approximately 1,000+ members


/r/RentalInventory – Approximately 7,800+ members, seems more focused on property rental

/r/MagentoBooking – forum for our Sales Igniter rental software for announcements and news – just started :).

General Forums

Heavy Equipment Forums

Trade Shows

ARA Show

Starting A Rental Business

How To Start A Property Rental Business

How To Start A Car Rental Business

How To Start A Party Rental Business

Rental Business Ideas

100 Winning Ideas for a New Online Rental Business

Crazy Weird Rental Business Ideas – Skunks, cadavers, batmobiles, and other ideas are discussed

Rental E-commerce Shopping Carts – Online Rental Bookings

There are 3 main E-commerce shopping cart platforms that dominate the space:

Magento (Adobe) – Offering both an open source (free) community version and a paid cloud version (think more medium – enterprise level). They have been around for over 15 years and were previously owned by PayPal.

WooCommerce – Another great open source (free) solution for small business built as a plugin for WordPress, does not have multi-inventory center or multi-store type features built-in though. Tons of plugins are available

Shopify – The most popular SaaS pay monthly type solution. Gets more expensive usually as you have to pay monthly for each and every addon you choose from their marketplace, you do not own the code it is all hosted on their servers

Each platform has advantages and disadvantages. There are also a myriad of other shopping carts but you probably won’t find the features you need for rentals in these platforms. After choosing your shopping cart system you still need to add a rental booking plugin or extension.

For a list of what Rental Booking Plugins are available for each platform please check our Rental Software Directory.

Programming & Web Development

Basically you have the choice to go local and search on google for web developers in your area, or use a freelance type marketplace. Make sure to check the feedback and references of the web developer you chose, as well as if they have any experience in the rental industry. Make sure the web developer you use is specializing in your chosen platform: If you use Magento make sure your web developer knows Magento in and out. if it’s WooCommerce / WordPress then find a developer specialized in that.

Make a CLEAR outline of all the work you need done written out and if possible sketched out using a free online sketch tool or even with pencil and paper.

Here are a few resources:

Upwork – the most popular freelancer platform

Freelancer – the second most popular freelancer platform, you will probably get more bids here but the freelancers we’ve found tend to get into a feeding frenzy and “bid without thinking” meaning they’ll later negotiate the real price they want to bid.

Rental Tech Consultants – specialty in rental software customization and development, an affiliate of Sales Igniter

Hubstaff Talent – great site to hire more permanent remote staff, no pay walls! We really like this site. You can contact freelancers directly – not as popular as the top 3 but still has a lot of developers – though made famous for low-cost (low quality?) freelancer services, it has now expanded and improved


Find A Designer for Ads, Web, Videos, etc.

The above mentioned freelancer finder websites Upwork and have lots of designers to chose from. However not all designers will use those since they do charge fees. Here are some other resources to find good designers. Note that many of these will have a paywall to try and contact the designer, but you can usually get around it by just searching for the designer’s name or company and finding their contact information.

Canva – create your own design assets with templates and a photoshop like online designer tool

Behance – Designer portfolio site

Dribbble – Another designer portfolio site

99designs – Design content platform to post a price for your project and multiple designers will compete to provide you a design. Now they have expanded to having fixed priced services you can browse lots of designer’s portfolios.

How To Track Rental Inventory

Rental Inventory Tracking 101 – article coming soon

Understanding Quantity Based vs Serial Number (Barcode & RFID tag) tracking

Free Barcode and QR Code Generator [PDF Print Labels]

Below you’ll find some barcode and QR code generators. We plan on making our own with better PDF label support in the future, but this should get you started.

QR Code Generator

Online Barcode Generator – Can generate multiple barcodes at once, v4 generator has advanced layout features

Barcode Generator by Tec-IT – Code-128 and other formats, they also offer barcode generation software

Inventory Tracking Supplies

Before purchasing any tracking supplies such as barcode readers, RFID tags or QR code labels try to map out your rental asset tracking strategy. Make sure that your barcode reading equipment is compatible with your rental software solution, and that the asset tags that you order are durable enough to last through many rentals.

Label Printers

The top barcode label printer companies are listed below. Usually you’ll buy these printers from e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Staples, Walmart, Target, etc.

Zebra – most printers come with their ZSB label designer software, they also offer scanners

Dymo – very popular label and printer supplier, printers have the DYMO label writer software included for free


RFID, QR Code, Asset Tags, GPS Trackers

Barcodes, Inc

Atlas RFID Store

Strong Asset Tags – specializing in waterproof and durable asset tags (QR, Barcodes, etc.)

Fast RFID – offers consulting as well


Dipole RFID – no pricing listed

GPS and Track – focused on Car gps trackers

Tracki – GPS tracking solution

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