100 Winning Ideas for a New Online Rental Business

Musical Instruments

Free Brass Drums Stock Photo
Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Amplifier Rentals
Band Instrument Rentals for Schools and Universities
Piano Rentals


Classic Movie Rental

Specialize in offering all the movies that are hard to find on streaming services. People love classic


Board Games Rental Service with Memberships
Video Game Rentals

Activities / Tours

Boat Rental
Yacht Rental
Food Tours
Bike, Scooter or Segway Tours
Surf Board Rentals & Lessons
SUP Standup Paddle Boarding
Kayak Rental
Free Photograph of a Couple Dancing Near a White Tent Stock Photo

Do you live in an area with nice campgrounds, or even better do you own some property in the wilderness? People love the feel of being outdoors but they don’t always want to rough it completely. Combine the best of both worlds, and give your guests a wonderful glamping experience. Manage all the rental inventory with Sales Igniter.

Sporting Equipment Rental

Ski Rental
Snowboard Rental
Hockey Gear Rental
Baseball Gear Rental
Basketball Hoops and Bleacher Rental
Rock Climbing Equipment Rental
Paragliding Experience and Rental
Skydiving Parachutes and Gear Rental
Pony and Horse Riding Rental / Hire
Snowmobile Rentals

Equipment Rental

Heavy Equipment Rental
Construction Equipment Rental
Beach Equipment Rental
Car Repair Tools Rental

These parts are super expensive, cater to the do it yourself home mechanics, or car repair shops that don’t want to spend money on buying a car repair tool they’ll only use temporarily.

HVAC – Air Conditioning Rental
Dumpster Rentals

This one is not the most appealing business idea perhaps, but it can be very profitable, in fact it’s one of the hidden gems of the rental industry because people aren’t immediately drawn to the idea of starting this business.

Cameras, Video Cameras and Lens Rental Service
Baby Equipment Rental

Rent strollers, cribs, toddler beds, toys, and other accessories

Car Rental, Motorcycle Rental, and Transportation

Free A White Tesla Car on a Road  Stock Photo
Electric Car Rental
Luxury Car Rental
Special Events Limo Type Car Rental
RV Recreational Vehicles
Mobility Wheelchairs
Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Dirt Bike Rentals
Trailer Rentals

People need to haul around their junk but they may not have the space or money to buy their own trailer, help them out with a trailer rental business.

Party & Event Rental

Bounce Houses & Inflatables Rentals
Tents & Furniture Rentals
Photo Booths Rentals
Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Machine Rental

Clothing Rental

Free A Woman Fitting a Beige Dress Stock Photo
Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Rentals
Special Events Dress Rentals
Designer Bags and Accessories Rentals
Fashion Show Event Rentals

Hotel / Vacation Rental / Property Rental

Vacation Home Rental
Condo Rental
Room Rentals
Land Rental
Apartment Rental

Innovative Rental Ideas

Animal Rental – Petting Zoos, Pet Rentals

Not everybody has the time to take care of a dog, why not rent a pet? Let someone take care of your dog for a few weeks and make a profit, your dog will probably get so much love and attention he won’t want to come back.

Costume Rental
Cleaning Supply Rental
Portable Toilet Rental
Artificial Flowers and Tree Rental
Model Home Furniture Rental

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