Dead Skunks, Live Bears, Cadavers & Other Cool Rental Business Ideas

Everybody likes to rent out normal stuff: cars, bikes, videos, hotels, clothing, and stuff like that. But how about something a little more interesting? Here are the top 10 (slightly crazy but cool) things you can rent on the internet. Sorry ahead of time for the lame humor.

1) Rent out a cadaver!

Sure why not? We’ll spare you the pictures here, but some of them look pretty realistic. Checkout: Cadaver Rentals of course they aren’t real, but if you look hard enough you could probably find somewhere that rents real ones too.

2) How about a dead skunk, fox, or squirrel?

Rent me, I'm cute!
Rent me, I’m cute!

Surely to smell better than a live one. You can rent dead skunks, squirrels, foxes and more at the Field Museum: Squirrel & Skunk rentals. Of course these are actually very useful for schools and universities.

3) Rent a bear that can kiss

They are even trained to kiss, smile, swim, and rub against objects. If only I had the money – I’d rent one and have a party. Rent a bear

Looks like you'll need to bring some bear food along in case he wants a snack
Looks like you’ll need to bring some bear food along in case he wants a snack

4) Rent out tanks and flamethrowers or bazookas

Renting a flamethrower pays for itself. Can also be used to burn instead of cut your lawn.
Renting a flamethrower pays for itself. Can also be used to burn instead of cut your lawn.

You never know when they are going to attack. Be prepared for evil hordes. Tank and flamethrower rentals.

5) Under attack? Rent out bodyguards

Here you can rent body guards that have served celebrities. Can you rent a celebrity to guard yourself too?

Don't Worry Kevin's Got Your Back
Don’t Worry Kevin’s Got Your Back

6) Rent Out Chickens People Want Their Fresh Eggs


This is the new cool thing to do. Who wants to buy their eggs at the grocery store anymore? Many chicken rental businesses are popping up (or being laid ha ha)

7) Make A Mermaid Rental Business

I’m not Ariel, but I can come to your next kid’s party

Here you can rent a mermaid

8) Rent Out Parents

Sadly this is a true business in Japan – you can rent family members for lonely people that will pretend to be your parents.

9) Rent Out The Batmobile or The Flintstones Car

Much better than a limo
Much better than a limo
For a more rustic wedding
For a more rustic wedding

They also have James Bond – my personal choice. Character Car Rentals

10) Rent Out Dinosaur Suits or Gorillas


Dinosaur Rentals

Well we hope you enjoyed this post. Not sure anyone is going to start renting out this stuff, but maybe it will give you a crazy rental business idea that will work for your area.

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