Why use Sales Igniter Rental Management System?

  • Fast instant setup
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Flexible rental pricing & booking calendar
  • Keep track of your rental inventory
  • Less paperwork and time to manage your business
  • Customers can book online

Industries we serve:

  • Car Rental / Hire
  • Hotel & Property Reservations
  • Camera & Electronics Rental
  • Heavy Equipment Rentals
  • Video & Video Game Rental Stores
  • Baby Gear Rentals
  • Bike & Motorcycle Rentals
  • Clothing and Dress Rentals

What is Sales Igniter Rental Booking Software?

Our rental system is a web-based rental system that your customers can use to rent from you, or you can use the backend to create rental orders. Our rental booking software is an extension for Magento Community Edition (More Info) – a free open-source shopping cart. Magento offers a powerful open-source framework for selling things online which we have taken and added on all the features needed for running a rental business.


Mobile Device Friendly

The default and PRO design template for our web-based rental system is responsive or mobile device friendly. Since our rental system is an extension for Magento, you can find 1000’s of other design templates by browsing at Theme Forest or other Magento theme providers. 


No per Workstation or per Admin Fees

Many rental software packages charge for each admin user or install of the rental software. So if you have 5 computers, you’re going to have to shell out 5 times for the software. Our license can be used on an unlimited number of computers since its web based, and you can have unlimited amounts of products and administrators.


Free Trial

Signup for a free rental software trial for 30 days and see if our solution is right for your rental business. We offer quick and easy learning screencasts to learn how to setup the rental system. 

Put your rental business on the most powerful and reasonably priced web based rental software

Powerful Reports

Keep track of how much money each of your rental products is making, how long total they have been rented, and the total return on investment for each rental product.

Fully Customizable

No 2 rental booking stores are the same. Rental pricing methods vary. Turnover time or buffer time for how long the next rental should start may be different for your rental store. Our rentals settings panel allows configuring over 50 different options.

Loaded With Power

The Magento framework our Rental Software plugs into is the most popular and powerful shopping cart available. It uses PHP and MySQL and is fully open-source.

Multi-Language & Currency Compatible

Not from the USA? Not a problem. The rental system can be configured to work with other languages, currencies, and date formats. We have clients from all over the world.

Clean PHP MySQL Code

Our extension is developed using PHP / MySQL and the module / extension framework for Magento. We have added full PHP Unit testing meaning it’s reliable and bug-free.

Free Updates & Support

Included with your purchase is free support and updates for 3 months. After that we offer a reasonably prices $199/year support & updates subscription. This will give you access to all the new features we add and a support ticket system for any issues you face.

How does it work?

Sales Igniter runs on a web server meaning you can access it from anywhere you work or even at home. There are no requirements for expensive server licenses. The basic setup of Sales Igniter can be done by us, or we can email you the files to install at your web host. If we do the setup on our web server, you can be up and running in a few minutes. Read answers to more FAQ

What kind of rental calendar features does it offer?

The online rental calendar and inventory tracking are the most crucial part of any booking system. The booking calendar can be configured in a variety of ways including showing in on the product page, showing it globally on the website header or side columns, or showing it on the shopping cart after the customer adds the product to cart. Read answers to more FAQ


"I purchased a license for Sales Igniter Online Booking System and then decided to purchase another one for my other rental business because I liked it so much."

− Kevin, Sandlappers

"I'm a rental business consultant and have been very happy with Sales Igniter Rental Software. I have suggested many features that Sales Igniter has added to their rental system"

− Paul, Ron's Hire