Magento 2 Rental Booking Module Comparison Chart

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Works with Magento 2
Works with Magento product import/export??
Rental calendar on product page to reserve by date
Set rental pricing per day
Pricing allows setting any quantity and time period and calculate in between prices automatically
Maximum or minimum rental period
Set rental pricing to be pro-rated
Ability to have end date be chosen by customer or fixed
Admin rental calendar report of all rental orders
Send (Checkout) and return rentals
Send and return rental history report
Ability to return early and release inventory
Email return reminders
Email late return reminder
Ability to set turnover (buffer time) before and after each reservation
Admin serial number report
Flexible rental calendar widget that can be placed anywhere
Serial number based tracking (barcodes)
Supports configurable and bundle products
Admin can create rental booking orders with dates using the admin order creator
Rental contract PDF
Rental contract signing via touch signature or typing
Request for Quote integration available
Set certain quantity of rental products or serial numbers to maintenance mode
Maintenance ticket tracking
Exclude dates, times, or days of the week from pricing
Exclude dates or days of the week from the booking calendar
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Admin Inventory report with 100+ products per page
Multi Source Inventory version
Manually reserve inventory for certain dates in admin without making an order
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