100% Open Source

Complete Open Source Rental Booking Solution For Magento or WooCommerce

Our rental booking system is 100% open source PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL code. This means you can edit or view the code in any text editor. It also means your programmer is free to customize it to suit your needs.

Please check our documentation on our rental bookings api or our complete Features list here, which includes complete Multi Warehouse Inventory centers support. 

Open source does not mean free we do charge for our rental booking system extensions and plugins, but after purchase the complete source code will be available to you. 

Use Cases For Open Source Rental Software

Your open source rental software can help you do more for your business. Here’s a look at some of the many uses you have for your software program:

  • You can use your software to communicate with others by email or text. Proper communication is necessary when contacting renters, promoting your wares, and ensuring current renters are responsible for your assets.
  • A software program can include a payment portal where you can collect rent payments from your customers. Our program offers Magento Open Source / Adobe Commerce and WooCommerce support, making it easier for you to program a payment portal.
  • Track maintenance requests from your renters based on whatever needs they might hold. A renter can send a message or photo to your program explaining whatever concerns they have about what they are renting, giving you an idea of whether you need to repair or replace your assets.
  • Your program can also help you market your idle or vacant assets. Advertise them on social media, add photos or videos of your items, and customize your marketing efforts to reach specific people. You can use various extensions and plug-ins to expand your program’s capabilities.
  • Screen prospective tenants faster with open source rental software. You can request people to complete online applications, and then you can hire a screening report based on what concerns you have about an applicant. The work ensures you are only renting your assets out to people who will safely and securely use these items.

How Do I Edit Source Code?

You have the option to edit the source code for your open source rental software as you see fit. Sales Igniter will provide you with the source code for the rental booking software for Magento Open Source / Adobe Commerce or WooCommerce depending on which version you chose. The programming languages used are mostly PHP and JavaScript.

You can open a text editor on your computer to review the code for the program. You will require knowledge of various coding terms to adjust the code.

A dedicated code writer can help you adjust the code in your program to fit the needs you hold. Let your writer know what you require, and your coding expert can find a suitable plan that fits your needs.

Why Is Open Source Beneficial For My Equipment Rental, Car Rental, or Event Rental Business?

Open source software is critical for helping your rental business go far, as it provides many benefits:

  • Your program can be tailored to fit your needs. You can request a coding expert to help you prepare a customized program that works for you and supports whatever you want to get from your setup.
  • Open source software is often more secure than other platforms. Since you’re adjusting your program to fit specific desires, an open source software program will not be at risk of being hacked or disrupted. Developers who help you with your program can also identify security problems as necessary and fix them.
  • You won’t be dependent on a vendor when getting your program ready. You won’t be locked in a relationship with an outside vendor, so you can receive support from whoever you want to hire. You may still require support from third-party groups that offer extensions or plug-ins for your program, but the amount you’ll require will be minimal when compared with if you hired an outside party.
  • You aren’t limited over how many licenses you have for your program. Since you have unlimited licenses to use with open source software, you can install your program on as many devices as you want. But don’t forget about the rules surrounding third-party extensions, as you might still have rules over how many licenses you have for those items.
  • You can adjust your program based on your budget. You can drop certain plug-ins or extensions if you cannot afford them or have no other need for them. The pricing for open source software is more flexible than what a SaaS provider offers.

What Is the Difference Between Open Source and SaaS Type Solutions?

You might be curious when looking for rental business software about what software-as-a-service or SaaS software can do for your company. SaaS programs are on-demand solutions that are available when you need them.

There are many things about open source and SaaS programs that make them different:

     1. Both solutions have different pricing schedules.

Open source software is free to use at the start, but the expenses for hiring coding experts and purchasing third-party plug-ins and extensions will vary. You can check your programming needs to determine how much you’re going to spend on your open source program.

SaaS platforms are available through a monthly or annual subscription fee. You will pay a fee as long as you continue using the platform.

     2. The people who maintain your software will vary by option.

Open source software requires you to be aware of updates and changes to the platform, plus you’ll require additional workers to continue maintaining the program and updating it as necessary. A SaaS provider will cover all the technical aspects of the program, including the hosting and security functions.

     3. You have more control over the security of your open source program.

Whereas a SaaS provider will be responsible for managing the security features on a program, you will hold that responsibility for open source software. Your additional control will help you program different things as your needs change.

     4. You can customize an open source program as necessary. You can’t do this with a SaaS platform.

Since another party controls the SaaS program you want to use, you won’t have many options for editing your program. But since you’re in charge of your open source program, you can do anything you want with your system.

     5. Open source programs are better at integrating with different platforms.

It’s easier to link an open source program to multiple platforms, as you can adjust the code in your software to fit your needs. Not all SaaS systems will support different platforms, and some providers might charge extra for access.

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