Our Google Maps truck delivery routing module allows you to easily manage multiple delivery trucks and the orders that they are to deliver. You can more efficiently route your trucks by seeing on a map each delivery address thus saving you time and gas money.

The Google Maps Truck Routing extension features the following:

  • View on a grid the orders filtered by order date or rental start and end date (if using our rental booking system)
  • Trucks can be added/edited/deleted to the truck management page and you can edit the driver name and truck comments
  • Packing list for each delivery truck can be generated along with the GPS coordinates of each address in that packing list
  • You can click each order location on the Google Map and assign it to a delivery truck
  • This module is made for Magento Community Edition 1.702+
  • 100% open source code

Live Demo

Admin Page: maps.rent-manager.com/index.php/admin
User: demo
Pass: demo111


Below is a diagram of how the Truck Delivery Routing extension works:

Magento Google Maps Truck Routing Diagram