Magento Vs. WordPress / Woocommerce Booking Solutions

Below is a basic comparison of our Magento 2 and Woocommerce / WordPress rental solutions. Both are different and we can’t say that one is better than the other, however for most clients we recommend the Woocommerce / WordPress solution. 

We have developed the Magento 1.x and Magento 2 solution for a few years now, but found that Magento is slow to customize and that many clients already had WordPress sites that they wanted to integrate with. Thus we developed a custom WordPress / Woocommerce booking system based off of some already-existing plugins.

Magento 2WooCommerce / WordPress
Open Source
Easy to CustomizeDifficult – customizations take about 3 – 5 x longer
Loading SpeedNeeds high-powered web hostingMore moderate-powered web hosting is ok
Bookings by Day or hour
Many payment and shipping modules
Some POS modules are available but they do not integrate with bookings
Rental contract signingCustomization
Product maintenanceCustomization
Deposit to reserve (e.g. 10% down 90% later)
Some deposit modules are available but they do not integrate with bookings
Serial number trackingCustomization
Stored payment methodsExtra paid third-party modules (about $299)
Custom customer / order fieldsExtra paid third-party modules (about $399)
Flexible rental pricing model
Return reminder emails
Filterable rentals report
Inventory availability report by day/month/yearCustomization
Edit bookings

We will be closed January 4 - March 11, 2024. You can still order but for any installs or support tickets please expect a delayed response

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