Multi-Vendor Marketplace Rental Portal for Magento


What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Rental Portal?

Our multi-vendor system is for businesses that want to allow people to come to their website and list their own products for rent (you can also allow your vendors to sale items too if you wish). Our turn-key solution is based on Magento which is a free open-source shopping cart framework. As a brief overview, our solution features:

  • Vendors can sign up and list products for rent on your website
  • Vendors have their own admin panel where they can list inventory, view orders, and view inventory reports
  • You can manage vendors, their transactions / commissions, and other details
  • Fully featured rental calendar system that tracks your vendor’s rental inventory
  • Responsive mobile-ready template (and a big variety of pro templates)

What Are Some Example Uses For The Multi-Vendor Portal?

  • Property or vacation rental portal
  • Camera rental hub
  • Computer and electronics rentals by students
  • Car and motorcycle rental portal
  • Vintage clothing rental mall
  • Jewelry rental portal

There really is no limit to what you can rent or sell using our multi-vendor marketplace

What Is The Source Module for The Marketplace?

Our rental marketplace module is an integration between our rental module and the VNE Marketplace module for Magento. We have taken their module and added our own integration code so the two work together. You can view their marketplace info page. So when you order the marketplace, you will get our module + VNE module + integration module and documentation from both of us.



Lifetime License
  • Works with Magento Community Edition 1.7 – 1.9.2
  • 100% Open Source
  • Includes regular license to our rental booking system ($499)
  • Unlimited products, customers, vendors and admins
  • Vendor Marketplace Module (See Features below)
  • Basic design template
  • 3 Months of free support & updates
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If you already own a license to our rental booking system – you may purchase a license here



Lifetime License
  • Works with Magento Community Edition 1.7 – 1.9.2
  • 100% Open Source
  • Includes regular license to our rental booking system ($499)
  • Unlimited products, customers, vendors, and admins
  • Vendor Marketplace Module (See Features below)
  • Basic & PRO design templates
  • 1 Year of free support & updates
  • Vendor Marketplace Module Pro Features (See Features below)
  • 1 live training session
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If you already own a license to our rental booking system – you may purchase a license here


Limitations of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module

The following features of our Rental System Version 1.4 are not available to vendors:

Features of our Multi-Vendor Marketplace Portal

Features For Your Vendors

  • Vendor Order Management - vendors can login and view their orders. They can also view order invoices, credit memos, and shipments (optional)
  • Vendor Product Management - your vendors can login to their admin panel and add rental or for sale products (you can choose to limit to only rentals)
  • Dashboard - the vendor dashboard lists the latest sales and statistics
  • Inventory report - your vendors can view an inventory report of all their rental inventory on a calendar
  • Vendor membership - Allow different membership packages with fees and benefits. After paying the membership fee the vendor will be auto-assigned to a vendor group (each vendor group can have its own permissions - like ability to only upload 20 products). They will be reminded when their membership is close to renewal and can renew it.
  • Credits and transactions - vendors can view their sales & transactions and see how much their payout will be (if you choose to collect payment and then pay your vendors)

Vendor Management

  • Vendors can sign up from your website and you can approve them
  • All vendor data can be edited by admins
  • Vendors can be edited / deleted / added from admin
  • Vendors can be put into groups
  • Flexible commissions / fees charged to vendors. For example you can charge your vendors a 5% fee for orders + $2 flat fee, or any combination of rules
  • Manage vendor payouts and transactions
  • Manage vendor attributes (what data is collected about them when they sign up)
  • You can configure it so that all vendor products need to be approved to be listed on your site (or auto-approve)
  • Advanced groups - allows setting limitations for vendor groups. For example Gold group can add only 20 products and is not allowed to customize his pages

Vendor Billing

There are a few ways you can collect payment from your vendors.

1) Commissions on sales (Vendor Credit): When customer place orders, you will collect the payment using whatever payment method you have enabled in Magento (paypal, credit card, etc.). Then the system will calculate how much you owe your vendors after commission is removed. This method has more liability since the customers are paying you instead of the vendor.

2) Vendor Billing (Available In Pro): This way has less liability. You will enable a payment method that says "Vendor will provide payment instructions" (this is what customers will on checkout for payment method). Now all sales for a vendor will record how much commision they owe you, and the vendor can pay you and it is logged in their vendor admin panel. If you enable this method, you can't enable method "commissions on sales" (also called vendor credit).

3) Pay for membership - (Recommended Method). Instead of doing anything about tracking commissions on sales, you instead charge your vendors for a membership to upload X number of products to your multi-vendor website. Simple and easy - and less hassles of managing payments from or to vendors.

Pro Features

  • Vendor home page - each vendor has his own homepage to display his store information and products
  • Vendor CMS - vendor can manage their own static content and pages for things like privacy policy, about us, customer service, etc.
  • Banner manager - vendors can upload banners to place on their static pages or static blocks
  • Vendor categories - allows vendors to add their own categories
  • Reviews / ratings - allows customers to leave reviews for vendors after they buy / rent a product from their store
  • Messages - vendors will be able to receive messages from customers to ask questions about products and services
  • UPS shipping - allows UPS shipping cost calculated from the vendor address
  • Multiple flat rate shipping - vendors can add their own flatrate shipping methods
  • Vendor live chat - vendors can chat with their customers
  • Pro templates: Please see our pro template FAQ

Live Demo


Vendor Admin:

user: testvendor

pass: testvendor

Master Admin:

user: demo

pass: demo111



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento, does it cost money?

Magento Community Edition is a free open source shopping cart, it does not cost anything. Our Rental Booking System is a extension for Magento shopping cart that adds on all the features that are needed for rentals. This gives you many advantages. First you can not only rent products, but also sell them if you want to. Second, Magento has a huge user base so there are lots of other extensions, templates, and developers that can enhance your store. 

What are the requirements for hosting your rental booking system?

Please check Web Hosting Requirements

How much is support & updates after the included free support and what does it include?

$199/year. It includes updates to the latest versions of our rental system and we can update your site for you if you want. The support includes access to support tickets that our programmers will look into for you. It does not include customizing your site or fixes to your design template. 

Once I order how do I get the marketplace software?

Immediately after you order you will get access to our rental software download. If you chose to host with us, it will take up to one day for us to install Magento and our Rental Software extension. 

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. If you aren’t sure if you want to purchase we suggest you try the free trial first.

Can the rental software be customized for my rental business?

Yes. Our rental system is 100% open source. Any Magento PHP/MySQL programmer can customize it for you. Here is a list of recommended developers

Are there any hidden costs? Is it really a lifetime license?

No there are no hidden costs. We don’t hide anything about our prices. As with any online web based system, you will need web hosting, and if doing credit card transactions you should get an SSL certificate for encrypted transactions. More info on SSL certificates