Sales Igniter Reviews for Rental Software Magento

“I started working with Kevin in January 2014. Before that point I had no luck in finding a complete rental solution. Although it sounds simple the rental process is very complex. In our case we used it for audio video and lighting rentals and it worked great. The equipment we rent is expensive and we have to make sure we are protected.

“I am not a huge fan of Magento but Sales Igniter is a very user friendly booking software for rental equipment. If I ever have a problem it is taken care immediately. Thank you so much Sales Igniter for helping my business grow!”

“Magento and Sales Igniter have been with us from day one of Kevin Javitz has always been helpful and attentive with any and all of our needs. Thanks for the continued support!”

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Jennifer Klasch

“The product is exactly what I needed to rent my wedding inventory online. The customer service rep, Kevin, was extremely patient with me. He walked through everything I needed to do to get it up and running. He even helped with my external problems that had nothing to do with him. Believe me, I bugged him a lot and he was always kind and willing to help. I would definitely recommend this software to everyone.”

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Piotr Gryko

“We’ve been using the Calendar Rental plugin for over a year now and are extremely pleased with the results. We purchased the plugin with a 1-year support package and have been pleased to to see the module updated several times during this period with extra functionality and features.
Magento is not a turn-key solution i.e. expecting everything to work instantly out of the box.
There will always be bugs when multiple plugins are applied and a custom template added. It makes up for it, by being extremely powerful, flexible, adaptable and free for the community edition.
Magento is a large and complicated platform, the rental module saved me a considerable amount of time (compared to developing a similar module myself) and allowed us to launch a rental site rapidly.
Kevin was extremely helpful with debugging and support.
In summary, I am happy with the module and strongly recommend it.”

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“We recently used SalesIgniter for a client’s rental site. It worked as described, and was easy for our Developers to install. The only ‘bug’ we ran into so far was a conflict with the 3rd party theme, which was quick to resolve (and that type of conflict is typical). This was in a Magento CE 1.9 store (there was no option for that in the menu) with very minimal customizations so far. If you are running into issues with your store’s customizations, a Magento Certified Developer might be able to help diagnose the issue(s) quickly. Each Magento store is unique and conflicts with other extensions could occur that need to be resolved.”


“Kevin, I just wanted to say how much we LOVE the new update. In particular, the calendar on the dashboard is a lifechanger for us!! We were creating something like that manually to help schedule our work, and it was a painful, slow process. Also love the ability to alter rental dates, and the new pricing options. Thank you very much for getting this update out!”

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I would very highly recommend Sales Igniter Software. We tried various companies including companies outside the USA and they were all a waste of time and money. Their rental backend is very reliable. Their customer service is absolutely outstanding. We needed a lot of revisions and addition and it was very capably handled. Regular upgrades and speed updates were very readily handled (including moving our hosting plan 3 time at no cost). I have absolutely NO HESITATION in recommending Sales Igniter Software and especially Kevin who handled our project. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

“I told my web developers that this program is awesome and that for other businesses who inquire they should really give you guys a looksie before spending thousands elsewhere. This rental system has been a lifesaver for me. It’s been working perfectly..absolutely perfectly…”

Matthew Bruce

Kevin and his team have been instrumental in helping me launch my camera rental store, features that he built into his module exactly line up with what we need to get going:
–Easy, accurate inventory management
–Easy send and receive
The module is highly customization, and Kevin and his team produce excellent results from custom development as well.

Live Sound Audio

This product was perfect for my audio rental business. Being on the novice side I probably needed more assistance than normal to get it setup. Kevin was great to work with. The training was customized for my situation and he responded promptly and offered helpful suggestions answering my usage questions that saved me tons of time as I completed the product entries and figured out functionality.
Everything operates exactly as promised with no bugs and it has worked perfectly since day one. My only regret is that I didn’t find this product sooner.


If you are looking to run a rental website, look no further! The extension comes with all the features you will need to run a rental website. But, just in case there isn’t a feature already available, the extension can be customized to fit your needs.
Kevin, the developer, is great to work with and very responsive. We wanted to get rid of the reservations calendar – no problem, Kevin made it happen. We wanted to give our customers the ability to extend their rental periods – Kevin made it happen. We wanted to have our customers be able to renew their items without ever having to open an account – Kevin made it happen. We are yet to come up with any request that he is not able to fulfill! And, all of our requests have always been fulfilled in a timely manner.
We would definitely recommend this extension and Kevin to anyone looking to run a rental website (well, may be not our competitors!)

Russell Eggleston

Our company does sound production and rentals. Before this software became available, we tried pretty much every SAAS option and other online rental solution out there hoping it would work for us… Once we found this one, all of our needs were filled. It was a huge relief to know that high quality online rental software exists in an affordable package.
Highly recommended!


“We started a very difficult project couples months ago with Sales Igniter and they exceeded all my expectations, I’m very specific and perfectionist on what I want and the response from the Sales Igniter team was an amazing, what I love the most is their flexibility and the understanding of what you need. My next project will be without hesitation with Sales Igniter.

Thank you again for the great service!"