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We list out all of our pricing on our pricing page. The pricing listed there is the real final price. You can choose either our fixed price, or monthly leased plan.

Our rental system is a plug-in to the free and open source Magento Community Edition. There is no licensing cost or extra fee to use it. So to know your monthly or yearly cost, you have:

  • License fee for Sales Igniter Rental System (basic is $499) – lifetime license
  • Your web hosting cost. You may host with us ($25/month or $250/year) or with your preferred Magento compatible web host. Your web host is what holds your files and runs our rental system. If you use our monthly leased this is already included in the monthly price.
  • Decide if you want to subscribe to updates/support after the included free support/update time (3 months with basic, 6 months with pro / multi inventory). This cost $99/3 months if you choose to continue. This is completely optional and not required. If you use our monthly leased this is already included in the monthly price.
  • If you accept credit cards online directly (and not via Paypal) then you will want to get a merchant account. Many clients choose Stripe for their merchant account as they have no monthly fees or hidden fees that other merchant accounts do.


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