Magento Request for Quote Module Extension

Our request for quote module allows customers on your Magento shopping cart website to request quotes for products instead of immediately adding them to the shopping cart. This is useful for businesses that like to negotiate pricing with customers. Often this is done to get bulk discounts, discounts based on special corporate customers, or to hide pricing from your competitors.

The Request for Quote module features the following:

  • Works with Magento community edition 1.702 – 1.9.3
  • Flexible RFQ Buttons & Pricing Setup – Admin can edit the request for quote features of all products. On product edit page products can have the following options:
    • Hide Price
    • Disable add to shopping cart
    • Enable request for quote
    • Show price to only certain customer groups
  • Admin custom shipping rates ($99 value included free!) – allows admin to enter custom shipping method title & rate
  • PDF Quotes – Attached to quote request sent to customer or downloaded from admin includes your store logo, items quoted, and quote comments
  • Sales Reps – Assign sales representatives to quotes
  • Quote emails – Configurable setting for who receives quote emails, and what templates are used
  • Quote comments – Admin or Customer can add comments to quotes
  • Lock Shipping Address, method and Quoted Quantity (optional) – Sometimes quotes are dependant on using a certain shipping address, method, or quantity of products in the order. You can choose to not allow the customer to change their address, method, or quantity (all separate settings) if you want to in the module settings
  • Mini-Quote in nav bar (optional) – The newer RWD template for Magento introduced a nav bar mini shopping cart. We have added the same functionality in the nav bar for quote requests too so customer can view their current quote items, adjust quantity, or remove items without having to navigate to the quote details page.
  • Customers can add products to the request for quote area, manage the products in the request for quote and submit this request to the store administrator
  • Emails are generated when a customer submits a quote request, administrator processes a quote request, and customer accepts or rejects a quote request
  • There is a request for quote grid in the admin so the administrator can review status of all quote requests
  • Works with all product types: simple, bundle, grouped, configurable, and reservation (if using our rental module)
  • 100% open source code
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Support & License

Your license is good forever and does not expire.

Support and updates are provided for 3 months after purchase. After that support/updates is $149/year if you wish to renew.

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