Magento Request For Quote Module Manual

Quick Install & Setup

We recommend testing install on a dev copy of your site first, especially if you have a lot of other extensions installed.

1) Backup your files and database. Then upload all the files from the unzipped Request for Quote module folder to your main Magento file directory.

2) Make sure system > tools > compilation that compilation is disabled

3) Clear your cache under system > admin > cache

4) Logoff admin and log back in (to clear the admin access levels cache)

5) Create a pdfs folder inside your media folder with 777 permissions (this is where generated pdfs are stored)

6) Set settings for quote emails under renquest4quote > settings > email settings

How It Works

1) Under your products on the admin product edit page there will now be a request for quote tab. You can set the request for quote options that you want: 


2) Now once you’ve enabled quote requests for the product, you can add the product to a quote from the customer side or the admin side. 

3) Quote requests will be sent to the admin email address entered under request4quote > settings > email settings > Email address to send quote requests to 

4) Your quote requests will show up under Request 4 Quote > Manage quote requests 

From there you can also create quote requests from the admin side by clicking Create New Quote 

5) After you submit the quote, the customer will be notified and they can add the quote to their shopping cart. Or you can also convert the quote to an order from the admin side. 

6) The request for quote module statuses can be edited from Request4Quote > Manage Quote Statuses in case you want to add some custom ones.