How Does Magento Handle Order Editing?

How To Edit An Order? #

You will not be able to edit an order that is already invoiced. Orders are auto-invoiced if your payment method has “authorize & capture” enabled. You will want to set your payment method to “Authorize only” then when the order is fulfilled, go to the order > invoices tab, and invoice the order – this will capture the funds.

We recommend using CIM for your payment method. When you make an edit, it will void the authorization and create a new authorization with the same CC.  Even if it’s past 30 days, it won’t matter, because a new authorization will be created.

Notes On Paypal #

Because of how Paypal works, it will never work well with editing orders. The issue is Paypal only allows re-authorizing orders to 115% of their original value. So Paypal will work fine if you think that the customer will not change their order.

How To Credit/Refund? #

Go to the order > credit memos tab and create a credit memo. This will also release the inventory reserved for the rental.

How To Change Rental Dates Without Affecting The Order Total? #

Please see: Manually Edit Rental Dates

Additional Notes #

In Magento there is an edit order button. This button will do different things depending on if an order is invoiced or not.

If an order is not yet invoiced #

A new order will be created with -1 at the end. (If order is edited 2 times, then -2 is added to the order number, three times then -3, etc.). The products already on the order will show up on the edited order, as well as the billing/shipping address. After saving the new order, the previous order will be cancelled.

If an order is already invoiced #

A new order will be created with -1 at the end. The previous order will also be kept. The new order is basically a brand new order but it has the customer billing/shipping address selected, it is not really editing the order at all. The new order will not have any products on it from the previous order.

One more note: If you add a customer in the admin, then create an order for that customer, then edit that order, a new customer will be added. To avoid this behavior, when you manually add a customer in the admin for the associate to chose Main Website.

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