Feature request list

Below is a list of feature requests that we have had from clients. We can’t promise when these features will be done because it depends upon our sales, budget, and demand for the feature. Sometimes clients will pay us to add a specific feature, and we can add it to the main release which benefits everyone.

Feature requests from clients #

  • (version 1.4.1) Helper methods changed from static to non-static (better for class rewriting)
  • (version 1.4.1) Easier edit rental dates updated for configurable and bundled products
  • (version 1.4.1) Ability to set hotel mode by product (not just globally)
  • (version 1.4.1) Ability to not return to inventory reservations when creating credit memos
  • (Separate Paid Module) Order editor with partial payments support
  • (Separate Paid Module) Sub-rentals, purchase orders for vendors (sub-rentals), and warehouses
  • New setting to not allow duplicate serial numbers
  • Iframe embedding module allowing easier creation of iframe code to only show certain product categories or product reservation information and rent button
  • Improvements to send and return: a new textarea field that can be used by a barcode or rfid scanner to scan in all product serial numbers at once
  • Fedex label generation from the send and return page, as well as optionally from the customer side
  • Product Inspections / check-off sheets – inspection list made by admin to fill out when product is returned
  • Open ended invoices – allows billing for rentals on a recurring schedule instead of all at once when the customer places the order
  • Serial numbers custom fields for recording custom data about inventory
  • Setting that affects prices by date/time so that if rental doesn’t fall completely within the special date/time use the any date/time price instead of combining the two

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