• PHP Unit Testing (Ecom PHP Unit) for the module over 50 tests to ensure bug-free module when adding new features
  • Reservation shipping turnover times – allow setting the turnover (padding) time before and after a reservation according to the ship method selected. For example if you use UPS 2 day shipping, you could se before and after padding time to 2 days.
  • Rent The Runway style homepage calendar widget and product details page calendar display configurable from admin panel
    Rent The Runway Reservation Calendar System Software
  • Fixed dates option configurable from admin. Instead of calendar dates option for the product, customer could select like 4 days or 8 days from radio select inputs and their start date instead of allowing them to select start and end date.
  • Speed Optimization using inventory table caching
  • Shipments & Invoice grids now show rental start & end dates
  • Change send and return columns from sent and returned truck icons to having the dates the order was sent and returned
  • Remove send & return page and report, this is now combined to the sales > orders grid all data that existed on that report is now there.
  • All parts of the rental system including the admin order creator now use the same calendar and attach to Magento events. Not much of a feature for customers, but makes it easier to do customization and less error prone.
  • New setting for disabled days of week to not calculate rental fees for days you are disabled. For example if you are closed Sundays, and customer rents from Saturday – Monday, you could enable this setting and customer would not be charged for Sunday.
  • On Manage Products page there is now a start and end date selection for filtering the inventory checks for certain dates
    Filter Inventory Dates

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