Product Maintenance Usage

Note: Product Maintenance is a new feature released on December 15, 2014 in version 1.3

Under rentals menu you will find a product maintenance menu.

Product Maintenance Settings #

Right now there is only one setting under rentals > settings > product maintenance called:

Percentage of available inventory to maintain for automated maintenance. What this means is when you put a product to have automatic maintenance, how much of the available inventory will be maintained. So if you have 10 products available and you set this to 30%, then 3 of them will be put into maintenance.

Maintenance Tickets #

Here you can add a ticket to maintain a product. You set the product to be maintained, the quantity, serial numbers (if the product uses them), maintainer, cost, summary, description, etc. When a product maintenance ticket is made, you can assign a maintenance technician and they will be informed via email.


Maintenance Technicians #

Here set the admins that are maintenance technicians. Please note that usually it’s best to not give your maintenance technicians access to all of the Magento backend if all they do is maintain products. So when you add the admin, make a new role first in system > permission > roles you can give them the following permissions under Role Resources (choose custom):


Automated Periodic Maintenance #

If you don’t want to manually create maintenance tickets, then use this feature. You will add the product, the frequency that product maintenance should be done, and a custom start date for maintenance (optional). The automated maintenance feature depends upon the Cron job in magento being setup properly, make sure your Magento Cron runs at least once a day.


Maintenance Status #

Here you can configure the statuses that maintenance tickets can be set to. You can also configure what statuses will reserve inventory. Usually you only want the “complete” status to not reserve inventory. When inventory is reserved for product maintenance, customers will not be able to reserve it.

Maintenance Templates #

Here you can setup templates for what should be done to maintain the product. When you templates are setup, you can apply them when making a new maintenance ticket, or for when automated maintenance is done.

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