Version .1 – 1.01 Release Notes

Version .1 #

  • First release with support for pay per rentals, serial numbers, rental calendar, send/return

Version .2 #

  • Added rental memberships, add to queue and recurring billing support for memberships

Version .3 #

  • Fixed some issues with pro-rating

Version .4 #

  • Fixed bug with deposits

Version .5 #

  • Added product bundle support
  • Deposits are now multiplied by the quantity of the product it is for
  • Deposits are automatically removed if product is removed from cart

Version .6 #

  • Added support for date locales
  • Added support for auto select end date based on min and max rental periods
  • Now fully compatible with Magento store views
  • Add to customer edit page a rentals history
  • Overbooking now shows on quantity report if overbooked shows red and the number overbooked
  • Sku now shown in quantity report
  • Integrate Magento shipments for sending out rentals (before was only possible to send via the rentals > send/return report)
  • Added to rentals > settings a way to adjust the pricing calculations. Some stores charge a one day rental only if the product is returned the same day. Other business charge a 1 day rental for 2 calendar days. Now you can add time to the pricing calculation. So if you added one day, then a rental from November 15 – 16 would count as a 2 day rental rather than a 1 day rental.
  • Added support for PDF labels and DYMO label printer on rental queue rental history page

Version .7 #

  • send and return admin email reminders, ability to send and return items from this email

Version .8 #

  • Ability to exclude products from rental package memberships

Version .9 #

  • Changing deposits to be a line item sub-total rather than be a product added to cart
  • Fixed issue with custom options % based pricing for rentals
  • Fixed bundles price updating when adding and removing options
  • Fixed issue with max rental period not allowing rentals of that period IE 7 day rental max would not allow a 7 day rental
  • Fixed issue with end date getting lost when updating date second time
  • Deposits can be authorize only (new setting)
  • New click view that day’s orders on the rentals > quantity report as shown in screenshot:
  • One date entry per order when creating orders in admin (lessens time needed for adding products to orders)
  • Don’t show serial number input boxes on send/return page if the product does not use it
  • Now shows current stock and remaining stock when adding products using admin create order page and on the order page

  • Sales > orders now shows start and end dates of reservation
  • Bundle quantity inventory resolved for ordering 2 or more of the same bundle
  • Deposit calculations fixed for multiple bundle quantities
  • Admin order creator fixed for when pricing is different in different stores for the same product
  • Time of day issue resolved for orders on the same day not allowing more orders on the same day if it was reserved for a few hours.

Version 1.0 #

  • Added send & return email notices for rental queue products
  • Import/export support using regular import/export which can run faster than import/export profiles
  • jQuery conflict fixes for custom templates
  • Solved bug on sales > orders for filtering by start/end date
  • Fix for to authorize only deposit amount for deposits
  • Is Reservation is now a required field
  • Don’t show the deposit sub-total on checkout unless there is a deposit
  • PDF shows just start/end date once per order not per product if there is only one start/end date for the order. Same for admin view order page
  • Default send/return report to today’s dates
  • Adjust rentals admin menu putting stuff under Rental Queue or Reservations for better organization
  • Error check if admin adds serial numbers that the product is set to serial number tracking
  • Allow $0 rental prices (some clients want to rent out stuff for free)
  • Fix for IE on product page for IE versions 9 or older it was not loading the calendars correctly
  • Admin create order now shows inventory for each rental product before clicking on it when adding products to an order
  • Product bundles that are per bundle pricing no longer show per product pricing in the drop downs on the customer side since each product is not charged individually
  • Better support for bundle package pricing on the product listing blocks
  • Support for extra dropoff and pickup dates apart from the rental start/end dates in case admin needs to have separate dates for these
  • Bug fix for duplicating serial number based products
  • Added to orders model way to get reservation start/end dates rather than having to query the product model

Version 1.0.1 Bug Fix Release #

  • Dropoff / Pickup dates fixed for timezones (was setting to 1970 when date was in format day/month/year)
  • Dropoff / Pickup date added time of day also
  • Fixed bug on regular product import where it was losing the assigned image
  • Order creator now refreshes product pricing and list when time of day changes (not just the date)
  • Fixed bug where order creator was showing on add product only 20 products when there are more
  • Quantity check fix for time of day rentals. Before fix it showed no quantity available unless update prices button was clicked
  • Price for selected period now shows on add product to order creator even before clicking on a product
  • On edit order was showing red for the product meaning out of stock when it was in stock
  • On view order was showing 0 quantity available and -1 after order, was not checking stock correctly
  • Fix for configurable products calendar not showing availability
  • Order grid now uses a better rewrite for adding start/end and dropoff/pickup columns does not use a Mage local file

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