Table of Contents

Version 1.3 #

  • Released in December and now in the Version 1.3 download – Product Maintenance with expense tracking
  • Credit card swiping for admin order creator
  • 12 new calendar styles using jQuery Theme Roller (manual)
  • Return history report (much the same as Sales > Shipments but for Returns)
  • Late return report
  • Late fee report and creator
  • Extend order from customer side or admin side
  • Manually edit rental dates for already invoiced orders (does not change order price) (manual)
  • Rental calendar report (screenshots)  showing all orders on a calendar in 2 ways. By order – shows order extending through start and end date. By start & end date – shows all orders starting & ending on a certain date.
  • Special pricing for holidays, weekends, or time of day (manual)
  • Add-on rental price point so now you have have $10/month + $1/day within the same price point
  • Buyout rentals feature – enable buyout for rental products and decrease rental inventory upon purchase
  • Dashboard weekly orders on calendar view
  • Setting to force all products in order to use the same rental dates under Settings > Calendar Options > All products in order must use same start & end date
  • Serial numbers if assigned now show on shipment details page
  • We removed the following modules that we packaged inside our own. These can be downloaded separately if you want them. BL Custom Grid was causing a conflict in Magento 1.901 so we removed it. AOE Scheduler is for testing crons. SMTP Pro will add email logs to admin.
    BL Custom Grid module:
    AOE Scheduler:


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