Version 1.2

Released on January 29, 2015 Features:

  • Print PDF of quote or Attach it to quote emails
  • Sub-totals now show on customer email and customer side view quote
  • Accept & Reject Step is now optional, this can be edited from rentals > settings > general
  • Quote request statuses can now be set to show or not the pricing to the customer on the customer side
  • Admin now can update comments as much as needed and it keeps a comment history
  • Customer can also submit new comments on view quote page
  • Rentals > settings new settings under Email Settings for who gets quote requests, and the quote request sender name and email
  • Rentals > settings > Email Templates the templates can be set to custom templates
  • Ability to assign sales representatives to quotes, which is visible on the manage quote request grid
  • Ability to mass update quote status from the manage quote request grid
  • Cleanup of all email functions
  • Ability to delete quotes on the manage quote requests grid mass action drop down


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