Does Your Rental Booking Software Work With Barcode Tracking or RFID Tags?

Yes our rental booking software works with barcodes and rfid tags.

Both barcodes and rfid tags do similar things. They track a unit of inventory by a serial number. So say you have 5 of the same camera but you want to track each separately rather than use quantity based tracking. You could assign each a serial number in our rental system like camera_001, camera_002, camera_003, camera_004, and camera_005 where “camera” is the unique identifier or SKU of your product.

Now when you go to check-out and check-in products you can input in our rental system the serial number. To input it you either start typing the first few numbers, or use your barcode or rfid tag scanner and it will output it to the screen.

We have a screencast showing more information about how rental inventory tracking works and using our system with barcodes or rfid tags.

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