Magento 2 Rental Queue and Memberships With Recurring Billing

We are pleased to announce that we will be working on and releasing an add-on to our Magento 2 Rental Booking system that will allow you to add rental memberships and add products to a rental queue. We do not yet have an expected release date but if you are interested in updates to this please contact us.

Some use cases could be:

  • Memberships to members only rental products such as a Tool Rental membership, Equipment Rental membership, or Camera Rental membership.
  • Setting up a recurring billing fee for products such as $99/month which is charged each month
  • Keeping track of inventory for these recurring billing rental products and then when returned put the item back into inventory
  • Setting up a rental queue system where customers add products to their rental queue and set the priority for which item they want

Some of the features we plan on adding to the Magento 2 Rental Memberships and Rental Queue with Recurring Billing are:

  • Setup of memberships. Memberships can be set to allow access to rent certain products, or they can allow a certain number of products checked out at a time. Membership can have a free trial and a flexible billing period.
  • Rental Queue meaning if you have a membership you can add rental products to your rental queue and adjust the priority order.
  • Recurring billing meaning that instead of being billed for the entire rental period at once, you could be billed $10/week or $50/month or $100/year or whatever amount you want to charge plus the time period, it will be flexible.
  • Ability to hide products or not allow rental of products for non-members (optional)
  • At first we plan on making the recurring billing for Stripe and then expand it to other billing platforms.

As far as some other ideas for use with this type of a rental booking system you could do the following:

  • Rent out properties and manage your properties such as an apartment complex
  • Have a clothing rental open source rental system where you charge a monthly fee and the customer can have 3 clothing items out such as dresses, suits, jewelry, or accessories
  • Furniture rental system or rent to own type system where you rent out monthly the couch, table, bed, and other things needed to furnish a house or apartment and charge monthly or bi-monthly for them
  • Bike sharing or bike rental platform where your members have access to scooters or bikes that are placed around a city
  • Car rental membership platform software allowing your members to have access to cars that you place around a city
  • School rental membership programs where students get a set number of books or learning materials and need tracking of their memberships

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