Screencast Training Videos Learn How To Use Sales Igniter Rental Software

Installing Magento & Sales Igniter Rental Extension

This how to installation video shows the following:

1. How to setup FTP
2. How to upload Magento, setup the database, and run the installer
3. How to install the Sales Igniter extension files via FTP
4. How to do faster installs with Softaculous if available, and cpanel File Manager

Sales Igniter Quickstart Training – Learn How To Manage Products, Inventory, Orders, and Settings

A quickstart screencast of how to use the Sales Igniter rental system for Magento. You will after watching this video understand how to:

1. Manage rental products
2. Manage product categories
3. Process rental orders
4. View the rental inventory report
5. Manage your CMS content (regular website pages)
6. Manage Rental system settings and regular store settings
7. Create orders from the admin panel

Understanding Inventory Tracking: Quantity Based VS Serial Number Based. How To Use and Print Barcodes or RFID Tags

This 5 minute rental inventory tracking screencast will teach you the following:

1. What the difference is between quantity based and serial number based inventory is
2. What a SKU number is vs a Serial Number
3. How to enter serial numbers into Sales Igniter on the edit product > inventory tab
4. How to print barcodes
5. How to process orders by scanning barcodes or rfid tags on the order checkout page

Exporting Reservations via iCal to Google Calendar

Learn how to export ical format to Google Calendar so you can view your rentals there.

Rental Contract Settings & Signing Walkthrough

This 4 minute video shows how to setup rental contracts. You will see:

1. How to setup the settings for rental contracts and variables
2. How to sign contracts from the customer side
3. How to download PDF contracts from the admin side
4. How to sign contracts from the admin side

Fixed Date Rentals

Fixed date rentals how to video shows:

1. How to setup fixed date rental periods in the admin
2. How to assign products to be fixed date rentals
3. What fixed date rentals look like on the customer side

Special Pricing By Dates & Times

Special pricing by dates and times shows:

1. How to setup fixed date rental periods in the admin
2. How to assign products to be fixed date rentals
3. What fixed date rentals look like on the customer side

How To Add Configurable Products (Size, Color, Attribute)

In this video you will learn how to setup configurable rental products based on size, color, or other attributes. For demo purposes we will setup a configurable shirt where the size can be changed.

How To Export & Import Products Via CSV Spreadsheet

You will learn how to quickly export & import large amounts of products at once using a spreadsheet. Then we will add a product to the spreadsheet, review the spreadsheet fields, and upload an image via FTP.

How To Run A Rental Membership Store With Rental Queue & Rental Memberships

1. How to add rental memberships
2. How to add rental queue products
3. How to send & return rental queue products from the admin

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