1.0.3 Released June 30, 2023 #

  • Great new feature available allowing you to only have rental bookings available on special dates and times, and you can set the rental length as well. Very handy for tour operators or rentals where you only have special availability.

1.0.2 Released June 15, 2023 #

  • Shortcode calendar widget feature allowing placement of a global calendar anywhere on your website including the homepage and sidebar
  • Exclusive feature not found on other rental booking plugins: Admin order creator now has support for adding rental dates via a calendar
  • Another exclusive feature not found on other WooCommerce bookings plugins: Updating an admin order will re-book correctly all changed rental dates on that order in the rental bookings tables and cached inventory arrays
  • Speed of inventory lookups increased using a cached inventory array

1.0.1 Released March 15, 2023 #

  • Custom integration for Dokan multi vendor plugin if you are interested please contact us as it is not included in the default plugin but is available at additional cost
  • Rental send and return history pages are completed
  • Serial / Barcode / RFID support is completed

1.0.0 Initial Release January 15, 2023 #


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