Order Editing

Editing Rental Dates #

The rental dates can be edited by going to Rentals > manually reserve inventory and searching for the order number and editing the dates for that product. This will not affect the order price even if the rental dates are extended. 

How To Edit An Order? #

You will not be able to edit an order that is already invoiced. Orders are auto-invoiced if your payment method has “authorize & capture” enabled. You will want to set your payment method to “Authorize only” then when the order is fulfilled, go to the order > invoices tab, and invoice the order – this will capture the funds.

How To Credit/Refund (Cancel) Entire Order or Partially If It’s Already Invoiced? #

Go to the sales > order > and click the Credit Memo button (note: order must of already been invoiced to create a credit memo). This will also release the inventory reserved for the rental. You can choose to create a credit memo for all products in the order, or just some products.

Editing An Order #

When you click the Edit button on a non-invoiced order, a new order will be created with -1 at the end. (If order is edited 2 times, then -2 is added to the order number, three times then -3, etc.). The products already on the order will show up on the edited order, as well as the billing/shipping address. After saving the new order, the previous order will be cancelled.

What If I Need To Change Order Details A Lot? Try Our Request For Quote Extension #

For situations where businesses need to update pending orders often, we recommend using the Amasty RFQ Extension ($319) combined with our Amasty RFQ Integration Module ($300). Using these 2 extensions together, you can make or have customers create Request For Quotes that can be edited as much as you want without worrying about whether the quote is invoiced or not. Once you and the customer are satisfied with the quote contents you can convert the Quote to an Order and invoice it. 

What About The Magento Order Editor Extensions? #

Great News! We now have a fully integration with the Mageworx Order Edit extension (You will need to purchase a separate license of the Mageworx Order Editor extension). You will need to use our Pro version or higher to qualify for the integration extensions. What does this mean?

  • Edit rental order dates easily AFTER the order has been placed
  • All rental order data is fully synced to your inventory 
  • Edit customer billing and shipping address
  • The Mageworx order edit extension also has a great feature that records any order changes to the comments log

There are multiple vendors providing Magento Order editor type extensions, any of these would need to have a custom integration with our rental system so that after editing an order the rental dates are all updated. Rental inventory checks also need to be implemented. 

A consideration with order editors is that usually the Authorization on a credit card expires after 7 days (sometimes 30 days) so this re-authorization process is sometimes tricky, and any order editor would not be able to support off-site type payments (like Paypal). The extra order amount would need to be captured manually. This should be fairly easy to do using Stripe or similar where you already have a tokenized storage of their credit card and you can just charge the difference in the order amount. 

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