Release Notes

Version 1.2.138 Released October 16, 2023 #
  • New Feature: Manually reserve or cancel reservation inventory on the order view page with one click
  • Fix for utilization reports when rental overlaps the report start and end date
  • Fix for serial status not updating properly when sending from the order page in some cases
  • Fix for price shown on product page for rental products when price rules applied
  • Separate css file for extension css rather than using jquery-ui-theme.css file
  • Plugin for ui widget prices to properly show rental pricing for things like recently viewed products
Version 1.2.135 Released August 18, 2023 #
  • New Feature: Product Utilization Reports please check the docs page for more info
  • Fixed an issue where same day rentals that don’t use time of day were not returning the daily rental price
  • Automated email reminders now properly check if the order was cancelled before sending
  • A few dynamically declared class properties were fixed so there should be no more deprecated notices when running in developer mode
Version 1.2.131 Released July 6, 2023 #
  • Adjustments to data normalization for rental dates (backend)
  • New Feature in rentals > settings > advanced to only show rentals in the rentals > send rentals page that have certain order statuses
  • Added extra data validation for special pricing and “passing null” issue for a few array keys in the Calendar.php file which can throw errors in developer mode
  • Fix for Automated rental emails now check that the order was not canceled before sending
  • Fix for “Insert value list does not match column list” on the catalog_product_index_price. Please note the best fix is actually from the Magento core team by adding one extra line to this file as shown here: we recommend you manually patch this file, it is probably coming by default in Magento 2.4.7 the file is at vendor/magento/module-catalog/Model/Indexer/Product/Price/AbstractAction.php
Version 1.2.120 released April 18, 2023 #
  • League Period changed to version 4.12.0 so that if you are still using PHP 7.4 you can upgrade (5.1 supports > PHP 8.1 only)
  • Optimized compactInventory method
  • Separated out the PDF files to a new package salesigniter/releasepdfserial please use composer require salesigniter/releasepdfserial but only if you are on Magento >= 2.4.3 this was seperated out so that if you are still using Magento 2.3.x you can upgrade. This package only adds sent and returned rental serial numbers to the PDFs so even if you don’t use it it’s not that important
  • Fixed an issue where if you add 2 configurable products that are the same to the cart but for different dates, it was not giving the correct price
  • Fixed an issue where the first date available was not taking into account disabled days of the week or disable dates
Version 1.2.118 released March 28, 2023 #
  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4.6
Version 1.2.117 released March 27, 2023 #
  • New Feature: The backend rentals > rental calendar > by order now has color coded background colors based on if the order has been placed, shipped, or returned. Colors are settable in rentals > settings > advanced
  • Improvement: Extend order checking speed reduced should be < 1 second now
  • Fix: for compactInventory function in Model/Product/Stock.php related to league period
  • Fix: in some cases on short months using fixed length rentals the price would show for 2 months instead of one
  • Fix: serials and price points were not allowing to completely remove the last price point or serial, now these can be completely removed
  • Fix: return overdue logic fix
  • Fix: email preview error for certain email templates in the backend
Version 1.2.110 released November 21, 2022 #
  • Package Updates: querypath has been updated to this version: so when running in developer mode there will no longer be deprecated errors with PHP 8.1. Also this package has been updated: from 3.2 to 5.1.0 for the same reasons
  • Improvement: quantity validator observer frequency is reduced which will speed up adding to cart on the customer and admin side
  • Improvement: special pricing css moved from in-line styling to using the old-price css class
  • Fix: for early ship and return not correctly updating the dates of the reservation
  • Fix: for disabled days of the week not correctly being disabled in some cases
Version 1.2.107 released October 17, 2022 #
  • New Feature: rental extensions can now used fixed lengths for the amount of time the rental is extended
  • Improvement: addtocart.phtml template is no longer overridden, the validate product js is changed to a mixin
  • Improvement: serials assigned on Invoice PDFs also works for bundles
  • Fix for reserving inventory by order status not working when an order was invoiced and status changed to “processing”
  • Fix for Saudi Arabia locale and calendar dates, now it uses ar_MA locale for the date part 
  • Fix for the admin rental calendar report by start/end date not showing manually reserved inventory, and filtering of dates
  • Fix for editing serials on existing orders status
  • Fix for custom options and non-english text for the start and end date not properly hiding time of day when time of day is not enabled for a product
Version 1.2.96 released August 16, 2022 #
  • Fix for filtering by serial number on the serial number report
  • Fix for filtering by product id on the rental inventory report
  • Fix for showing the turnover and rental length on the calendar
  • Fix for updating rental dates on the order edit / ship / return pages
Version 1.2.76 released June 10, 2022 #
  • Mageworx order editor integration (Pro version) See Order Editing page for more information
  • New rules are added for marketing > cart price rules, you can create promotions and coupons based on the rental dates the customers have in their shopping cart
Version 1.2.64 released May 6, 2022 #
  • New email templates for upcoming rentals, during the rental, and after the rental
  • Existing email templates were updated to the format used in Magento 2.4.4 (they will still work with 2.3.x – 2.4.3). 
Version 1.2.59 released April 27, 2022 #
  • Initial updates for Magento 2.4.4 if you are upgrading to 2.4.4 please test it first on a staging server as there are a lot of changes in this release as far as the Magento source code. We have tested it and it’s working for the rental system reports, editing products, calendar and ordering, but it’s best to check it on your store before pushing to your live one since it’s a brand new release
  • New Feature: You can now add the list of serials to your packing list PDF if the product uses serial numbers
  • New Feature: Serials can now be adjusted after a shipment has been made on the order > shipment grid click the edit button next to the serial numbers
  • Fix for certain cases where the global calendar is loaded on the product page (so there are 2 sets of calendars) which is not common
  • Fix for the admin order creator – out of stock type messages were not clearing properly when editing rental dates
Version 1.2.51 released March 28, 2022 #
  • Fix for disabled days of the week causing an issue in getFirstAvailableDate
Version 1.2.50 released March 25, 2022 #
  • Compatibility for Magento Cloud Edition / Commerce Edition 
  • Normalization of the reservationorders table so there are now separate tables for shipment and returns, which makes it much easier to read the table data when debugging or checking for inventory
  • Code added for extending rental orders on the customer side which is part of the Pro edition
  • Editing rental dates now carries through properly on bundles rental option dates and the order dates updating has been moved to its own class and the StockManagment.php file is now a bit lighter
Version 1.2.36 released February 16, 2022 #
  • Big speed optimizations for the product page calendar (3 – 5x faster)
  • Caching added to further improve loading speed when there are lots of reservations for a product
Version 1.1.20211104 released November 4, 2021 #
  • Rental Contracts issue fixed that affected some payment modules such as Stripe and Square
  • Fix for late returns and early returns not reporting the proper inventory levels in specific cases
  • Hide calendar feature
  • Fix for the product page hide price points
  • New feature to reserve inventory starting with the order start date which can be adjusted in the rentals settings area
  • Fix for sending shipments with empty serial numbers
  • Reservation history link added to the product grid in the admin
  • Added a new feature to allow tying prices to certain dates of the year for example $3/day for November 1 – 30. 
  • Fixed issue with editing orders and bundles
  • Added a setting to add a calendar icon for non-default themes in case their icon font doesn’t have the icon
  • Added store open and close times to bundles
  • Fix for certain cases where the time period was not being translated on the product page
  • Added serial numbers to emails and grids
  • Fix for iOS calendar 12:01pm issue
Version 1.1.20210201 released February 1, 2021 #
  • Fix for Manual Reservations grid filtering and pagination
  • Improvement to Custom Options start and end date for i18n internationalization / translations (Please check this documentation page for more info)
  • New Feature: Date based rental discounts can now be applied to the entire rental period if there is an overlap of the special period dates
  • Language translation files updated
  • Fix for product name on grids
  • New Feature to disable adding turnover optionally when adding manual reservations
  • Improved error checking on shipment for serials allowed to ship
  • CSS fix for hours of start and end time of day on Rentals > Settings page
  • Fix for max qty should not be filterable on send/return grids
  • Fix for maintenance tickets date ticket created javascript issue on ticket save
Version 1.1.20201026 released October 26, 2020 #
  • New feature: Ability to show total quantity, reserved quantity, and available quantity after selecting dates on the product page the default is off it can be enabled in rentals > settings > product details page > show extra quantity data on product page? It looks like:
  • Improvement: Rental calendar now will disable turnover dates before the customer chooses their rental dates, making it easier for customers to choose dates. (this is configurable under rentals > settings > turnover > disable turnover days on calendar). Before this check was done after choosing rental dates and an error message was shown. 
  • Fix: If customer adds a rental product to shopping cart but checks out a few days later, a check was added to make sure the start date is still ok
  • Fix: Customer name link on inventory report was no linking correctly
  • Fix: If a product is deleted, the maintenance ticket will also be deleted
  • Fix: In certain situations with multiple date overlaps inventory was not calculating correctly
  • Fix: sirent_fixed_type no longer gives error on product imports using csv
  • Rental product type is now by default disabled since this was causing issues with configurable type products defaulting to being a rental product
  • Added command line uninstall option using salesigniter:Uninstall this will remove all rental tables and product attributes so only use if completely wanting to remove the rental system. Also a uninstall script module was added when using the Magento method: module:uninstall. 
Version 1.1.20200820 released August 20, 2020 #
  • Updates for Magento 2.4, if you are going to use Magento 2.4 please review our install guide on the subject. 
  • Improved compatibility with Itoris Dynamic Product Options
  • Fix: Manually reserve inventory keeps the turnovers correctly for when using different turnovers for different stores
  • Fix: Bundles now correctly show padding on calendar
Version 1.1.20200612 released June 12, 2020 #
  • Admin inventory reports are now properly localized to the locale’s date format
  • Admin inventory report now has sticky headers to make scrolling long lists of product inventory easier to read
  • Fix for bundle quantity returning wrong price
  • Comparability added for the Porto theme and the rent button enabling / disabling
  • Customer name added to rental send / return grid and manually reserve inventory grid
  • New feature added: Disable guest checkout if order contains rental products
  • Fix for rental maintenance tickets date added and time zones
  • Maintenance tickets (pro module) now properly do not add turnover before / after to the start and end dates
  • Improvement to admin order editing – it now checks inventory by excluding the previous order from inventory checks so that it doesn’t give overbooking error messages
  • Rental Contract PDF module improvements (for Pro version) see: New Rental Contract PDF features page
Version 1.1.20200518 released May 17, 2020 #
  • Now using updated db_schema.xml format for database tables / columns that are added
  • New Feature: You can now rename the rental and buyout buttons from rentals > settings area for the product page or category listings pages
  • Improvement: Rental inventory report coloring now has better mouse over highlighting
  • Compatibility added for Unirgy Dropship extension
  • Fix for rent button being enabled by default on page load before the rental dates were set
  • Fix for rental return allowing entering serial numbers that were not used when sending
  • Improvement: store > config > catalog > date and time > use javascript set to Yes and it will still be ok so you can use the javascript calendar on non rental products for custom options
Version 1.1.20200201 released February 1, 2020 #
  • Fix for seasonal pricing: now it should give more reliable results for when pricing periods don’t fit within a special pricing period
  • Update for Magento 2.3.4
  • Fix for excluded periods not being able to be deleted from products
  • Fix for return grid not showing on admin order page when multi source shipping is not enabled
Version 1.1.20200105 released January 5, 2020 #
  • Small update added ability to hide price points from product page, or replace price points with custom pricing text
Version 1.1.20191222 released December 22, 2019 #
  • Date based pricing feature released, currently experimental. For more information see: Date Based Pricing
  • Ability to hide the start date and auto-select the start date based on the first available rental date. Useful for when you want your customers to just click rent and not choose dates. Works well with fixed rental dates.
Version 1.1.20191213 released December 12, 2019 #
  • Updated for Magento 2.3.x!
  • New Feature: order grid now has extra ship and return actions added to make it quicker to get to the ship and return when needed:
  • Improved color coding of inventory report showing green for in stock and red for out of stock products:
  • Improved rental inventory column on the product grid, now you can see all information in one grid column, as well as link to the inventory report for the full report:
  • Improved global calendar widget now you can name the button like “Set Dates” or “View Products”
  • Improved inventory handling now it doesn’t rely on the cron being setup it will reserve inventory on checkout success page using ajax in case the Magento installation does not have crons setup
  • Product bundles changing product options now updates the price correctly
  • Fix for order view page showing return button when there were no items to return
  • Fix for rental excluded dates not excluding the last day when doing all day (checkbox) exclude dates
  • Fixed dates was not updating the price when using drop down option, now it does
  • Fixed return and send grid saying “object object” instead of “No items selected”  when not checkboxing items to ship or return
Version 1.1.20181022 released October 22, 2018 #
  • Fix for Magento 2.2.6 and the product edit page not displaying on the admin side
Version 1.1.20180918 released September 18, 2018 #
  • New feature: Products now support store hours on product level instead of just global level
Version 1.0.20180821 released August 21, 2018 #
  • Fixed issue with returns grid not allowing some orders to be returned if returning multiple orders at the same time
  • Fixed issue with pickup / dropoff dates and Magento 2.2.4+
  • Improved loading speed when product uses time of day
Version 1.0.20180724 released July 24, 2018 #
  • New feature: $0 reservations. There is a setting to allow it as some stores don’t want to charge for rentals. Check rentals > settings > pricing > allow zero price
Version 1.0.20180611 released June 11, 2018 #
  • Fixed date format issue on manual reserve
  • Rental reservations are now done when the cron runs instead of when the order is placed to prevent timeout errors on large stores
Version 1.0.20180514 released May 14, 2018 #
  • Improved related products with rentals. Related products can now be added from the main reservation product’s page.
Version 1.1 #
  • Return reminders
  • Damage Waiver Fees
  • Speed improvements on large bundles
Version 1.0 Stable #
  • Setting that allows Forcing all rental items in order to use the same start and end dates
  • Manually edit rental dates (does not change order price)
  • Maintenance tickets to maintain rental products and keep track of cost and technician
  • Fixed period rentals (admin can set the time period of the rental like 1 day or 1 week) the customer only selects the start date
  • Disable shipping
  • Hotel mode – daily rentals allow a new rental on the end date (check-out and check-in on same day)
Magento 2.x Beta  #
  • Rental calendar on product page
  • Global rental calendar on side column
  • Rental calendar widget that can be placed anywhere
  • Complex pricing algorithm enabling price by any rental period ($X per X hours, $X per X Days, $X per X Weeks, etc.) with in between periods calculated automatically
  • Admin order creator (similar to POS) allowing admin to create orders, select shipping and payment methods, charge payment method, and accept signatures for the rental contract
  • Multiple calendar styles
  • Rental contracts with online digital signatures
  • Quantity based inventory and serial number based inventory
  • Convert for sale products to rental products and rental products to for sale products
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Inventory report with details of order numbers and quantity ordered per day per product
  • Time of day rentals allowing hourly rentals of products
  • Turnover (buffer) time setting allowing you to set a certain time period before or after a rental for the rental product to be available again
  • Send and return rentals with email confirmation to customers (optional)
  • Sent and returned rentals report
  • Dropoff and pickup dates (separate from rental start and end date)
  • Multi-language compatible
  • VAT and international tax rates compatible
  • Multi-currency compatible
  • 20+ language packs available (translated using Google Translate)
  • Compatible with Magento payment modules (, Paypal, Braintree, Check/Money Order, Purchase Order, Bank Transfer Payment, Cash on Delivery)
  • Disabled dates (can repeat) for store closed times, holidays
  • Minimum and maximum rental periods
  • Rentals work with configurable products (sizes, colors) and bundles (packages of multiple products, some can be for sale products too)
  • Calendar report of rental orders by start/end date and rental orders by order (order extends length of rental on the calendar)

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